Thursday, 10 January 2013



It all seems so simple. All we all need is some focus to iron out our respective problems. One of the first things I happen to be regaled with from the radio waves this am is the obscene amount of food we waste. Naturally it is not just in this country but on a wide wide  scale and not just food but water.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Pack up or Pick up.

Pack up or Pick up.

Have managed at long last to get something down with which some folks might find a little more interesting than what I have been attempting in the past few weeks. There must be a regard and constructive hope for the future.

Perhaps the future really does belong to those who have the courage and audacity to seize the moment and stamp their personality on there on. That is before the herd get a chance to muddy the waters with their version of a indifferent world.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Take Over Bid?

Take Over Bid?

It looks to me as though there has been a take over bid in my absence on other matters.

Well this is where the fight back begins. Just who is SNAP and where the hell do they get off taking over my affairs without so much as a by your leave? That is of course par for the game these days it might seem to some but don't let the buggers get away with it. Otherwise the next thing you know you won't have a fig leaf to cover your dignity.

Well I cannot say it has been a very enlightening period of my life. But then all you fellow suffers and trauma types battling with the BIG C, have good cause for complaint. Or have you? Yes I agree there does seem to be much of IT about it might appear. In fact I think there must be a great many good laughs floating about on the breeze if you only have time to pick them out and put the correct aspect on them. And that of course is the trouble. Getting the correct aspect.

Just what is the Correct Aspect? Is it the Jokey Sod , who you can never pin down and doesn't take anything seriously? Always good for a laugh, but sometimes hard when it is at you expense. Perhaps the : Smart-Arse is more to your taste. Always quick with a put down but not really interested in carrying you or the project forward, merely there to score the points.

Hard work never killed anybody they say, but it can't half ruin the nail varnish, I notice.

Take my little adventures last Thursday. Fed up to the back teeth with tearing lumps off my dear wife. This sort of thing does happen at times when you have been married over fifty years and suddenly run out of imagination, ideas and talent. And more specifically patience. Your BIG IDEA has disappeared down the plug hole without  even a decent gurgle to announce its departure.

So there I was: sprawled out just inside Boots the Chemist shop, having lost a feeble struggle with my rollater, [the newly imported name from the US of A for an exercise walker], blood. My blood spilling from yet another break in my, thankfully, very tough skull. next thing I can actually rationalise is the fact that due to a short bout of concussion. I end up in a Central London Accident and Emergency Department of an unknown hospital, when the accident took place a mere five minutes from my home.

Yes! Yes, I do realise the ambulance driver had rules and regulations to go by which took me on a mystery tour over half of North London, in the all consuming quest to discover just what there was wrong with me. For that part I can only acknowledge their efficiency, diligence and adherence to the rule book. Now once again I have egg on my face as my younger son has just rung to say they had taken me to Whipps Cross Hospital. Just goes to show how wrong you can be? Evening all!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Departure .

New Departure .

Well after so much humming and haring we have finally got ourselves a cleaning lady and what a wonderful tonic she seems to be? very much what we always have wanted. Especially so now that I am crippled with stomach cancer. Though it must be said that things do appear to be getting a good deal better from that aspect of things.

A good many of the aches and pains the old torso has been a martyr to seem to have abated somewhat today. Since I asked her if she would do my bed for me and she appears to have made an excellent job of that chore. Right or wrong I do hope that I can make a significant extension to my lifespan by gentle additions so that I can check any corrections I feel need to be made to my previous notes. Naturally this attitude might easily be construed as an intolerable greed for a longer life-span when I have already enjoyed a considerable extension over that considered the norm.

I trust this will not be the case as I must admit in the past few weeks there does happen to have been a dip in my output of original ideas to larder the pantry with, as a result even I have been thinking that perhaps I need to seed my output with something a little more original or at least refreshing to try and get things moving once again.

Sunday, 7 October 2012



Have you got a family? Well I suppose we all have one up to a point. After all it may be only a couple who gave you birth, or now only one, or even none, if you are really out on a limb, but it could be a far more happy band ? Only too willing to take exception to what you would like to do, be, or the way you wish it to be? Just had a weekend like that where those who have visited seem to take an exception to most of what you wish to say or do.

Naturally enough it is always a certain hope that a good deal of what the family group wants fom you is what you would also be quite pleased with in your immediate life. It is hard to believe sometimes when I look at the wreak from stomach cancer I am now that fifty odd years ago our family was such a handsome young group swaning around all getting ourselves hitched to the various apples of our eyes.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

NHS : Tourists.

NHS : Tourists:

Well my wife wants to watch this latest expose on the BBC, TV !. About the National Health Tourists., so that's just what we will be looking at this evening. We certainly appear the patsies when it comes to paying out twice for our pleasures ? Though today I did see on Yahoo an item mentioning that the Americans go a good deal further by paying out last year [?] $/£:2,300,000 to millionaires in benefits. Well that is certainly a statistic which suggests that the Western civilisation has almost gone back to Greek and Roman times ? When anyone who was not a slave had a great time pontificating on everything and nothing under the sun.

It appears the hunt for the : cheats, twisters, connivers, thieves and general duckers and divers,  in the system goes on? Interesting how the initial miscreants, as my elder son would call them, started with the banking fraternity, and proceeded from there to politicians. First with our own lot, then that bunch of thieves in the Euro Parliament.  Now it would appear the media has got their teeth well an truly into their rather warped approach to the Corinthian Spirit, there is no end to what they are likely or probably might turn up?

Certainly not when they turned up the Murdoch organisation as they are still picking it apart. Naturally enough this had only been a very late in the day spill over from the fall out from the Battle Royal that resulted in the loss of Captain Bob Maxwell, or the bouncing Czech to the spirit of free enterprise, when he disappeared from his palatial yacht.

When I went to discover his name, amazing how quickly we can forget these titans of the world of commerce, my wife remembered almost instantly. She was not watching the NHS Tourists programme at all but the biography of Kenny Everett: In the best possible taste.Trust me to get it all up round my neck. So to bed.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

and their spears into pruninghooks:

and their spears into pruninghooks:

Holy Bible : Old Testament.

Isaiah ch. 2. v.4. See also Micah ch.4 v.3. Joel ch.3.v. 10

I imagine this second part of the very popular quotation from the Old Testament is one that is well known and easily recognised. In this case I wanted to split the quotation in order to emphasis its importance to the idea that such a prophacey can and will come true. Once again it is remarkable that the magic figure of three needs to underscore the idea.

These three images above represent. Mike Bayman age about eighteen months. At the top.

Next down is brother Colin a little younger possibly about a year or so.

With the bottom image of Mike's grandson, Lewis at around a year, possibly his first birthday party. 1993.