Wednesday, 3 October 2012

NHS : Tourists.

NHS : Tourists:

Well my wife wants to watch this latest expose on the BBC, TV !. About the National Health Tourists., so that's just what we will be looking at this evening. We certainly appear the patsies when it comes to paying out twice for our pleasures ? Though today I did see on Yahoo an item mentioning that the Americans go a good deal further by paying out last year [?] $/£:2,300,000 to millionaires in benefits. Well that is certainly a statistic which suggests that the Western civilisation has almost gone back to Greek and Roman times ? When anyone who was not a slave had a great time pontificating on everything and nothing under the sun.

It appears the hunt for the : cheats, twisters, connivers, thieves and general duckers and divers,  in the system goes on? Interesting how the initial miscreants, as my elder son would call them, started with the banking fraternity, and proceeded from there to politicians. First with our own lot, then that bunch of thieves in the Euro Parliament.  Now it would appear the media has got their teeth well an truly into their rather warped approach to the Corinthian Spirit, there is no end to what they are likely or probably might turn up?

Certainly not when they turned up the Murdoch organisation as they are still picking it apart. Naturally enough this had only been a very late in the day spill over from the fall out from the Battle Royal that resulted in the loss of Captain Bob Maxwell, or the bouncing Czech to the spirit of free enterprise, when he disappeared from his palatial yacht.

When I went to discover his name, amazing how quickly we can forget these titans of the world of commerce, my wife remembered almost instantly. She was not watching the NHS Tourists programme at all but the biography of Kenny Everett: In the best possible taste.Trust me to get it all up round my neck. So to bed.


  1. A complaint from my wife about working too late in the evening. So to keep the peace will now close down the shop, and good luck to you all. Love Mike.

  2. Added a little colour to try and give a little more interest as these last two blogs seem to have lost their attraction.Really must try and get a few more new photo images on the blogoshpere.