Sunday, 29 July 2012

Schizophrenic ?

Schizophrenic ?

Once upon a time, as Snoopy among many others would have said. A young man in the full flush of his eager and well stimulated manhood found a potential publisher for his story detailing the trials and other vicissitudes of his three fiction boy heroes some ten years previously in the military service of the Royal Navy. He awaited the decision on his manuscript with the explosive impatience only a mid twenties man with wife, son and new mortgage to support can offer.

All too aware of its short comings the rejection when it came supplemented with a short word he needed to look up, too prolix , somehow sealed its fate, and merely underlined what many had stamped well and truly on his psychic over the first two and half decades of his life. Reluctantly but with some resolution he packed away his efforts and turned back to the reality of earning a living in the early sixties, London.

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