Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Knitty, Gritty ?

The Knitty, Gritty ?

Okay. gals and guys to name but a few, let's stop pussy footing around and get back to : once upon a time there was a chap who picked up his pen and wrote a few words and shook up the whole system. Well as it happened the whole system needed a damn good shake up. As you might agree, if of course you have half a brain to exercise with, unfortunately not all are blessed with that much gray matter. Ah, well never mind perhaps, just perhaps we might be able to do something to help them , in the long run?

Well things usually do when folks have been using the same old tired acts over and over again.
 Have you noticed  just how puerile they start to get? After a few shakes of the lamb's tail, it all becomes quite revolting then slowly it all gradually degenerates into the genital zone. Otherwise known as the good old lavatorial humour, much loved by our red neck friends and relations.

The trouble is even our jolly old red-neck friends, slowly come to realize there is a flaw in their philosophy, just like Hamlet, as they sink slowly into their self induced alcoholic daze. Fortunately none of us have to go to the lengths of the prince of Denmark, or the prince of anywhere come to that, to unscrew their dilemma, even if they only do have half a brain. The first lesson they need to learn is : to exercise more self-discipline.

In the so called good old days, when me and Methuselah were lads together, the military authorities and other august bodies who thrived in those times always insisted on teaching discipline first, and it was the smart arses who were quickest to learn the lesson of self-discipline. Naturally there there were, believe it or not the odd case which had to be castigated, sometimes well past an inch of their lives, and would have to collect their wings before learning the lesson. Such was the old system.

Of course such a system was abandoned soon after the death of John Wayne.

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  1. Once again pleased with the way my writing has begun in the past day or two to evolve into a whole new style. What however is the most pleasing about it is that there does seem to be a seam of humour shot through it which it is to be hoped will please young and old. Fingers crossed.