Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Consider this if you will?

Consider this if you will?

At this time I am in my sixtieth year of life and have been employed by the company since March. 23-SD.14.
It is my belief that the year stated on the cover of this diary [ 1991 ] has a good deal more significance than would appear. To verify this statement may prove to be very difficult if not impossible, but an idea did occur some years ago that in the March of SD-18, a realignment of the World's significant computers began.

At that time our prefix, on the job records,* at the company changed from the letter K to M on, I believe, the 15 March. This date I am unable to confirm as the record has since been destroyed.

Extract from Master Log of Michael Ashiel, SD: 21-12-14                     * phrase added : July SD 39-8-17.

At this time the question was put to me that we should go over to an all digit number but I argued against it and the letter system with four digits was retained. Each new sequence starts at 4000 and finishes at 9999., with the omision of the 7000, sequence. Currently we are on the P, sequence. All of this may have no relevance to current affarirs but the possiblity remains.

Further extract from Master Log of Michael Ashiel,  SD: 21-12-24 .T.08 43.

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