Thursday, 9 August 2012

Evolve or Die!

Evolve or Die !

Perhaps the title of the page is posted too starkly but the startling events of the London Olympics 2012, give a good backdrop and think piece to those who might be interested in the possibilities of the next step forward. Naturally with many thousands of others I have been analysing like there is no tomorrow on the results and impact of what we have witnessed in the past two weeks and whether it has any relevance on future events?

The whole issue to me is that the analysis points not to there is no tomorrow, but that there is a vastly different tomorrow opening before the human race. Let us face it, I suspect even the Almighty might consider his creation had run into a brick wall. If he has a Television in His heavenly suite. He must be highly cheesed off with the constant repeats. So it is with much gratitude he appears to support the efforts made by thousands of  New and Old British subjects, to put on a good show this past fortnight.

Naturally everyone does not seem to be entirely satisfied, then again there are always the nit-pickers, sour grapes artists, and mal-contents, but even with these barrel scrapers for justified complaint, an old cynic like me, on occasions, remembers the almost countless times a breakthrough has gone begging because a detail was inflated to crucify the demands of the big picture. No doubt all ye Thomas', will not be satisfied until at least Christmas.

And do not overlook in passing the propaganda artist, who is only paid to cheat, deceive and mislead the poor hard working stiff. I wonder if such creatures who owed their livelihood not to honest, productive toil but a more mischievous aim or ambition in life: the Machiavellian tendency. In the past such creatures had their uses when ; power, confusion , chaos and confusion was sort as a distorted short cut to power and the obscenity of war.

It had been surmised but viewed with highly differing conclusions. What would in fact happen if the limiting parameters of life, and more particularly death, were lifted out of the reckoning? many in the high spheres of power viewing the increasing collapse of the current systems of social development were determined to settle the dispute by employing the answers thrown up by a young middle-aged, common man in the early seventies.

Obviously the essays assumptions were crude, and lacked the sophistication of a University trained mind, as so often this breakthrough was to everyone's advantage as it encouraged a reappraisal of perspective: very much a work in progress. This had remained the case with great profit for all engaged, over the next forty years.

Now the whole picture has been, in a few short weeks vastly changed, as the work of vast numbers, in many disciplines have produced a network of like minded souls, few in fact knowing the width and breath of the Project they had been engaged upon over the four decades of its existence.

Once again the electronic-mechanical computer concept has proved itself a vastly  useful and improving dimension in enhancing the total life existence; value and correction, to the merely decorative and seductive, but so often circular debate.


  1. A welcome home piece for all the youngsters, who like my own, have been on holiday and created their own Olympics.

  2. My only hope is that others can see the total miracles that are happening round town. This effect of enhanced desire for safety I first noticed in late 1972, as I realised what for a period at least behaviour becomes in a sense robotic.This effect wears off as the more usual movement overcomes stilted arm and leg gyrations. Have more interesting thoughts and ideas popping up, really keen to read statistics of things as they come to light as more and more folk become more relaxed & the fear and fact of death recedes.

  3. After a break of almost three days, it is about time I put a view point on my blogs to illustrate just what I have mustered out of my efforts and how it may help your life and those striving, to do our best as we all go through to earn a crust.
    First when shuffling through the rubbish collected I discover that in 1995,I wrote an eleven page critical path analysis, of Project Change of Emphasis, which appeared to go through the whole bit of explaining the conundrum I had not previously been able to understand so that, at least was a great satisfaction, but rather shocked that it had taken me again by surprise. Though the final key to success was the help of a dinner companion on holiday,this ironed out the red herring in H. G. Wells story, about the 'time barrier' or as he saw it; Time Travel. Once this error was corrected the whole thesis fell into place, and almost forty year of work by a vast team was finalised. Together we have 'cracked it'. It remains to thank one and all who have over these past decades supported and helped my efforts even in the times when convinced I was going insane. I am certain, sure that you will all be more than pleased with the eventual outcome. More to try and illustrate this later in the meanwhile. A definite date to remember and inscribe on your heart of hearts. 11 August 2012. Thanks again for everything. As President Reagan was apt to say: You ain't seen nothing yet!