Friday, 17 August 2012

For those with Eyes.

For those with Eyes.

For those with eyes to see. As anyone will tell you, if you do not know already though I suspect you may do. The fuller quote is have ears to hear. The message and the messenger are crystal clear. Unfortunately as I have discovered to my cost there is very often a vast difference between what the messenger can even begin to say to clarify their message to those who have no desire or wish, to see or hear.

The curse of the closed mind. Of course to a degree, sometimes an unnerving degree afflicts us all. Fortunately there are always a goodly number of folks around who are willing to challenge the status quo, despite, even in a relatively free wheeling world, of today, which has been illustrated only too starkly with the comments posted on the social sites of Twitter.

A good deal of the misunderstanding has been the rather naive idea promulgated by the young, talented youth who created the medium that something of a virginal nature. If operated by, and with the best of intentions will, can and should be sacrosanct from criticism of anyone, especially the older generation. The older generation which of course, always carries with it a good deal of extraneous baggage.

It is this extraneous baggage, which is there and has to be taken into consideration if one wishes to make valued judgements and maintain a balanced viewpoint. This lesson of the value of experience has in recent years become, to a great degree, devalued due to the great speed of change. This has led to the more impetuous, creative and demanding leaders and innovators of the e-revolution to unbalance the system.

No-one least of all me, decries the enthusiasm, drive and sheer energy of youth, which under the weight of a bank of handicaps felt itself stifled, blocked and stymied then reduced by a fossilized system of promotion and often inferior management, versus the ever bloody minded, often one track issue, union opposition, with their 1984, slogans and mind set,  to await  the tortuous passage of years as their lives were whittled away.

Naturally the result of all this disastrous build up of raw energy has been a complete meltdown of the financial  and economic systems of the global economy. The political leaders either, with no real understanding of the power they weald, or paralysed by the overwhelming irresponsibles they face. The bedrock of the underlying trends that a broad grounding in history would underscore.

Having been jettisoned over a period of thirty years by trendy teaching methods and an ethos of all should have prizes, which merely reflects a basic weakness in a teaching regime and culture and encourages futile discontent and dissatisfaction with everything. From this children emerge from a school, even a university degree course, as a half-baked product, to manage a half-baked system.

The politicians, far too many of the same variety, many without even the tempering effect of some years cut and thrust of the labour market, have in effect polarised and neutered parliament. Too many it must be an embarrassment to observe, stagger about not unlike the young drunks, high on drugs and alcohol, where the age difference is far too narrow to be comfortable to men and women of more years to draw the necessary conclusions. Seeking solace and answers God only knows where. Certainly the time must have come for a massive rethink?

In a phrase. We have experienced, for some years now, a society where the mangy tail of the dog does the wagging for the whole body politic. Much to the disgust of the older more level headed silent majority.


  1. Sorry far too late at this time to be long winded about anything the wife is getting fretful. Mike.

  2. It appears that I have lost a good deal of an insertion I placed in this blog today, how do I recover it I wonder. The match between yesterday's blog entry and today seems to have become disconnected in some odd way?

  3. Once again I am faced with the possibility this was not an accidental deletion but a cut from a censorship point of view. Oh, horror of horrors if it was but in fact I am aware that sometimes you have to be censored to save others sensibilities. If this was the case it is only the third time in many years of writing for publication.