Monday, 6 August 2012



In the small hours of this morning about two or three o'clock I came up with what I thought might be of interest to those wishing to conjecture on the way forward to a truly united planet Earth. Naturally when you are in the four day of chemotherapy treatment and trying hard to stay with and on an even keel is sometimes a rather difficult exercise. I wonder first if all countries who have lived by the sea for centuries have so many words and phrases in the lexicon, I suspect it is so.

Anyhow we in England have to a degree been fortunate in being in the correct place by good fortune, or the design of the Almighty, and it might be seen a flexible attitude in adapting constantly to new nations input as the language developed.

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  1. After that rather brief effort for this entry, it does seem to be a little out of focus at the moment. Please try and stay with me as I am trying to stay with you. In fact today so far had only just begun to pick up. Though I might say how interested I shall be in the next few weeks and months reading the analyse on just what came over Team GB in the past couple of week, and how that might auger for the future?