Saturday, 3 December 2011

Cultureshock: The Greatest Motivator?

Cultureshock: The Greatest Motivator?

Greed, fear, love, envy, revenge? All have their place in the criminal mind set but to me the greatest motivator is: belief. Naturally you need more than just an irrational belief in what you set out to do, or to stick at it through thick, thin and all the parasites who try to bleed you dry of all belief on the journey through to your goal. It is easy to try and tear belief away from its top place in the hierarchy of motivators, but the best I have found you can really do is to match it with all the usual suspects: greed, fear, love, envy, and revenge; alone, paired with belief, or grouped with belief, to reinforce any central and over riding aim. Without belief, the driving force, the backing motivator will eventually collapse under its own lack of conviction and logic.

To take an example of this point might be well made at this moment in time? The pressure the European idea, represented by monetary union in the shape of the Euro, is under with severe strain over this lack of belief, certainly with that of conviction and logic. There is an old saying: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The idea of a European Common Market spawned from the conflict and upheaval of two world wars certainly seemed a good idea at the time, though Britain failed to be convinced and was not an initial signtory to the Treaty of Rome. Over the years their belief and conviction in the idea of following a logic which had cost so much pain and emotional upheaval,financial chaos and loss, never found a total conviction in the United Kingdom.

Certainly there were charasmatic individuals who could take the herd along with their persuasive oratory and rhetoric, but even though they enjoyed long periods of triumph, eventually the pragmatic and some would say bloody minded and stubborn islanders would defeat the smooth city shysters.

The real problem as ever remains the'short life span,' there is an old saying that even now remains true. That the moment you start to build a fund of wisdom from a life time of endeavour, you die. Even with the latest effort to record every syllable there are many who will kill off, with the almost unbelievable pressure applied to the new  idea.

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