Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mind bending or Mind blocking?

It does not take a great brain to understand the vastly different concepts created and released by the title reference above? Mind bending or Mind blocking? Each one in its own way suggests a total view of matters at hand. Although it can be taken as a negative view, it would be much more thought provoking and stimulating taken in the positive sense with the question put in this way, a vastly more interesting perspective reveals itself.

As it is understood Mind Blocking is the imposed restriction, by self or outside determination, on the desire to learn, understand or investigate an idea, behaviour, or way of life that a body of influence feels, or considers on balance will be detrimental to the continued well being of the population at large or the ruling elite. The past century as the world's population mushroomed and the proliferation of ideas that disturbed the stability of many countries it became a mad scramble to solve problems under the age old salve of : might is right.

When despite two World Wars and many massive other conflicts the century apparently ended with a vast global stalemate. The economies, and moral disciplines; the two main crutches of social civility bankrupt. All the world leaders seemed agreed that a new approach had to be found, even as they grappled to understand how to avoid the mistakes of the past half century and more. So the Mind Benders who had been having a field day since the ferment of the Second World conflict, with their computers, satellites, and electronic devices of every hew competed to constantly improve and hone their inventions, to faster and more subtle applications.

A new concept had arisen in the last thirty years of the century. The computer, radio, television and a vast new array of intricate electronic devices, manipulated by young men and women had opened a cornicopia of possibilities that far exceeded the wonders of the tales of Aladdin and Thousand and One nights. With the mad dash for wealth, fame and influence, the previously sneered at oily rag merchants, mechanics and tinkers, had suddenly userpt the patronizing , lawyers, entertainers, and financial whizz kids. The long derided uncouth engineer was climbing to the top of the heap.

Of course there is more to it than that otherwise some smart cookie would have seen the defining trend. And it is true, one did so. He saw that the melding between the, new bursting with energy technology, had to be married to and exploited with the established arts. The intersection of the disciplines was vital, new and in the mind of Steve Jobs essential. Unfortunately before this became widely accepted a vast amount of totally unnecessary damage had been done by the indiscipline of the narrow minded in power, and the ill-disciplined young men and women exploiting matters while they could.

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