Sunday, 4 December 2011

Cultureshock: Macro/Micro vision.

Cultureshock: Macro/Micro vision.

Macro or Micro approach to thinking outside the box, while retaining faith and belief in the thoughts and gems of wisdom handed down from masters of past eras. The ability to accomplish this feat of schizophrenic thought, action, and execution can be considered perhaps the most difficult to master and bring to fruition. Attempting this feat with the stability of a mature mind, moulded by extremes of experience and nature, while tempered by the passion etched into a mind from instances of violent youth.

As an ex HMS Ganges boy seaman of early nineteen fifties vintage, the summing up of life can be taken in two contrasting ways from the famous poem, 'IF,' The po-faced version as written by Rudyard Kipling, and the wiseacres interpretation of the content. Nowadays only too easily taken as gospel even by High Judges, it would seem, I fuck. Although I missed this significance which may be an interesting reflection of the naivity of the fifties, or merely my own? This approach to life as a truncated and narrow vision was to be broadened and turned inside out in the next four years of naval life. Every line of Kipling's master piece can be twisted and corrupted by the agile minded cynic or world weary chancer. A great education but one that often needs time to gain the necessary perspective of its advantages, not always readily apparent at sixteen years of age.

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