Monday, 11 June 2012

The Abyss.

The Abyss.

Once the hurdle of unloading the new knowledge had been completed and a suitable distance evolved from the point of impact it might seem reasonable that any normal self respecting individual in a democratic society would start to count his fortune and wonder, if and when the recognition would begin. Naturally it was already appreciated that there was a difficulty with the aspect of acknowledgement and recognition.

These two, of perhaps the most satisfying of achievements, with the vast majority of the achievers of any nation under normal circumstances were met as the individual grew in status and passed through the many levels to the pinnacles of society, during their lifetime of productive working. Either by solid effort, invention, research, innovation , or by literary, artistic or social or political effort considered to be to the general good of the people.

Where though does the odd character fall into this pattern when his thoughts and knowledge create a rift so wide the author is unable to fully explain his quantum leap? Four decades have passed still the chaos is obvious,  but the strength of the old ways has been sufficient to put up a shield to defend the myths and insufficiencies of the status quo. Many of the establishment elite remain unconvinced of the effacy of the new knowledge.

Fortunately, unlike his detractors, the author of the new knowledge was in no real hurry to get involved in the day to day scrummage to prove out his theory as he was completely convinced time itself would unravel the conundrum, he had set, both to himself and to the world at large. Time and a massive team of human brains working together, and competitively apart, would produce a working understanding.

Almost as if sent by Creation itself: a new and soon to prove a vast communication driving force and motivator, the World Wide Web was born: The Internet. Timothy Berners-Lee, its founder, constructed the network as a tool to help himself and fellow scientists to keep in touch with each others work more efficiently than hitherto. This single innovation was within a decade or two to accelerate the rapid change spreading across the globe.

The media as the media so often do quickly hung a label round the neck of the new movements of revolt and revolution in various parts of the world as this or that ' spring, ' the word spring implied the birth of a new order and with it new hope that corrupt agencies would be swept away by the uncorrupted youthful revolutionaries. Unfortunately things are not that simple, too many tenuous links with an undefined strength nurtured by fear and horrors indelibly etched into the psyche by war.

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  1. This post bring matters up to date, plus or minus the odd thing but now I shall have to work more on the older posts to try and etch in better quality detail and see if I can prove my own thesis. Which is that we can all live a great deal longer and better quality lives if we only get out selves sorted out.