Monday, 18 June 2012

Going Through the Time Barrier.

Going Through the Time Barrier.

I now have to hand the second monthly edition of the English language version of : The Light Divine. After the editorial the next article deals with : Time Management : the Secret of Success. As usual the articles are laced with excellent advice and anecdotes. The downside, as ever, is the heavily weighted negative view on the progress humanity is making toward its own self destruction.

As is so often the case with views presented in an unbalanced way showing too much emphasis on one side or other of the argument the initial tendency is to accept almost uncritically the view heavily canvassed. It takes time to marshal the opposing or even the lightening values to add to the mix. This technique is often witnessed with Radio and TV programs, where an aggressive sound bite can be inserted, not leaving time for a riposte.

My own efforts to bring the ideas of the major religions and other sound and beneficial approaches to life, and its furtherance, for the good of all, seems now with the passage of so much time to have been a massive waste of time. That is if you accept the arguments and the pictures drawn by those looking to exploit the negative side of the equation.  So often I feel downcast myself that my original article was not the charismatic and explosive tract, it should have been.

Why not? Perhaps because my talents and presentation skills as a writer were not up to the standard necessary, to do justice to the theme. Then there is the view often advanced with great justification; that the time had not come for such revelation. Over the period of the past few months as I have felt my abilities and confidence as a writer with something worth saying increase, my salvation has been the internet.

Seeing how some of the blogs with followings of many thousands with some this sets the standard, but my efforts and interest is to grow my efforts with real value. Naturally I realize in even taking this tact with what is presented lays my efforts open to abuse, a negative in itself with the internet method of approach.

Those who see the Rio+20, Earth environmental climate Summit as the last chance saloon, do mother nature a disservice. Certainly the cards seem to be heavily stacked against her, but has divine retribution still have a card or two to play? One point should perhaps be made a little clearer, if required, is that the title,'Going through the Time Barrier,' refers not to a physical break through such a barrier, as the illusion of such due to the acceleration with the speed of change as people and nations, commerce and social interaction come together in a far more positive and co-operative than before.

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