Monday, 25 June 2012

An Allegory ?

An Allegory ?

It is generally accepted to be in monumental bad taste to relate dreams but this one was so vivid and puzzling until I related it to my wife. She immediately said: It sounds like life. At the risk of boring the pants off everyone within reading distance it went along these lines.

There was I sitting in this bar in central London, perhaps near where I worked for a decade or two near Farringdon Station and Saint Bart's hospital and the former Smithfield market. You know how hazy dreams can be. Well the next thing I noticed was a large Bentley style limousine parked outside, blocking the narrow road, as it would in that area. On enquiry as to who it was waiting for? You. I was told.

The temptation to enter the plush vehicle and allow myself to be swallowed by a combination of its paraded delights. Not least the superb creature barely visible through the darkened smoked class of the limousine. Decades earlier and this might have presented a problem though I felt confident enough to doubt such. What sort of a test was this to present all temptations as a miss mash of choice?

Staggered yes. Confused yes. Where were all these desirable wish fantasies springing from? Surely not from my hidden frustrations or desires? What really got me thinking were the rather large gentlemen in the background to each and every cameo. The menace was overt and well presented, no possible room for misrepresentation. It was a pleasant surprise to wake up and discover, real as it had appeared it was a just a dazzling dream.

You can have anything you want in life as long as you can pay for it.

Top Emma enthusiastic.

Middle me: pensive.

Bottom image: Parading , Lewis.

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