Saturday, 5 May 2012

Awakening to Absolution?

Awakening to Absolution?

I hate to anticipate too much so the hope is that the title of this post does not come across as too arrogant, or with presumptuousness? Even so after the best part of forty years of living with what must in my book be the biggest secret ever locked up in the skull of one individual the search for an appropriate title for this post did cause me some head scratching. Nevertheless if I may take a moment to sketch out the possibilities of the situation as they occur to me. A year or so ago while attempting to put across some part of my ideas on religion and secular belief  the realisation came across that the audience really could not care less. About either, the conflict between the two. Or the shades to be found with the various codes of belief.

Similarly the difference between secular understanding and the melding of secular and religious belief. It was painfully obvious that the areas of moral and ethical knowledge and understanding, had degenerated well below any obviously noticeable level, with the general population. The advances, such as they were, that supposedly took the general population on to a higher plane of civilised behaviour and understanding were, in fact denuding the majority of their concern and interdependence.

It is my belief much of this indifference and lack of concern; once the new parameters begin to become more understood, accepted and manipulated, by the general population: will disappear as the new possibilities begin to dawn. It is an interesting fact, accepted, but tends to be overlooked by the older generation's perspective that the youngsters filled with boundless optimism and the joys of life, not to mention testosterone, not only believe they will live fore ever but expect to do exactly that, and when they think about it at all or are challenged on the subject merely dismiss older more mature views as being : 'past it'. Dimly they understand that life is finite but choose to ignore such inconvenient paradigms.

This snag has given me some considerable angst when trying to resolve the question of longevity, but it is yet again, in my opinion, solvable with many of the worlds existing belief. Once again the saying: that there is nothing new under the sun, becomes relevant and pertinent. Please do not misunderstand me there is no way I underestimate the huge job it will be to subtly turn many of the rocks of faith and understanding that have for many years underpinned the mental ways of life, and acceptance of life, that govern the older generation.

Generally those over the age of fifty may see the desirability of what many younger folk are trying to project but see their machinations as far too naive and trusting. The impact of the possibilities of my vision during the early seventies, which I have detailed before and it gives me cause to wonder if some of the excesses with the diktats of the Health and Safety Department and their often extreme application has in some way filtered out from my early writings and possible observation of my initial behaviour?

Whether some of these decisions were taken with, conscious belief and understanding of what had been written or some mysterious osmosis, there is little way of knowing . My descriptions of thought and deed from the powerful shock to my previous system of belief by the experience of the vision granted me at that time. Shattering as it did my total interconnected constructs of reality and understanding of that reality. Once the importance of the vision and its potential to life on this planet seeped through, the responsibility to carry this forward to other minds became of overwhelming.

Actually it has only been during the past few months there has been a marked acceleration in the confidence expressed in the ideas that have been posted, this gives the support and energy to continue to sort out the answers to many of the hidden doubts and misgivings that such a breakthrough throws up.

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