Friday, 11 May 2012

An Ideal Solution?

An Ideal Solution ?                                                                                      T: 11 :17 :   Friday, 11 May 2012

Always used to be one of the funny little eccentricities to log the time starting and finishing my letters, articles and log entries. One of the reasons being to see how long it took to get a reaction, if any, of course usually and for a long time the was none. In an effort to try and get my life back into some sort of order. I thought it was an idea to reinstate some of my better habits of the past. Actually I started about a week ago on this spring clean as you might say to get my life back. Although there had been a quote from Aristotle sent to me on the subject of ingraining habits. The point being I believe is that being creatures of habit, it is better to make sure the habits are those of excellence.

That I think just maybe where I have been going wrong? Of late, and for the past several months. I have allowed myself, despite being of a fairly advanced age, and should be well immune to these sudden burst of enthusiasms to gradually almost unnoticed had my life taken away from me. Don't smirk at the back there it is quite possible that you as well are experiencing this problem. Of course if you are at work presently and your assignment is not the most stimulating in the world it maybe that you have decide to enhance your scope by adding this and that to your out tray to get a greater response from your input tray.

If you have or indicate that you have more that half a brain. Soon you will find your monitor is filled, mostly with the most banal rubbish, asinine ideas, and opinions that ever were spawned from the mind of mortal man or woman for that matter. Suddenly you become aware that you want your life back. If you are at work, well I was for six thousand years, well that's just what it seems like now actually not quite that long. When I came up with this fantastic solution to the problem's that seem to be blighting the world. The trouble is I have a feeling that there is a monster space ship about to annihilate the UK to make way for a hyperspace by-pass any moment now, and certainly before I get this blog entry finished.
T: 12 : 00.
T: 20 : 12.
Well I have thought this one through many times and so it should make it easier for me, at least. The feeling from what has been put out and tried to fault but it still appears to hold good under all the tests I can think to place it under, it still remains the best solution. To recapitulate the human race faces three/ four options.

[1] To continue as at the present time. This includes a struggle for supremacy based on wealth, power from said wealth, and building a network of allegiance to your power and wealth.
[2] As [1] but hoping that the medical and pharmaceutical professions will crack the problem of an infinite life-span.
[3] Allowing the development of a Computer One, complex. This could comprise a total machine or a married human couple?

To my reasoning [1] disqualifies itself as unsustainable in the long term.
[2] Is an unreasonable fantasy solution, especially when viewed from any logistic long term point of view.
[3] Coupled together: computer one does appeal to my reasoning. Due to allowing a slow, incremental flow from one system to a totally new concept of living in a disciplined environment, with the attraction of a far longer life span. Gradually built up over many years.

My conclusion is that the choice of [3] has already been taken as the only really viable solution. Whether my conclusion over-estimates the intelligence of our species; while we still have a choice, remains the question, which the rest of the world will have to decide, with a reasonable amount of effort.

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