Monday, 14 May 2012

James Bond and all that Jazz.

James Bond and all that Jazz.

Sir Winston Churchill is reputed to have placed the spy on the top most pinnacle of the warrior caste. Of recent times though the the spy's status has rather slumped, I would suggest, in the public imagination and esteem. The alleged exploits of MI5, MI6, and the CIA, with others over the past few years, to counter the exploits of those who would disrupt the British and American ways of life. Of course in many ways Sir Winston, had a relatively clear cut situation to hand down his opinion and judgement. Now with the threads of conspiracy, intrigue; religious and secular interwoven: the whole laced with moral, ethical and financial corruption, who can give an objective assessment of the way out of the quagmire?

In the past century the human race has solved many outstanding problems in its attempts to consolidate its destiny as the master species on the planet. Nevertheless these advances have in many ways only exacerbated the problems that already were crying out for solution. One of the greatest areas in which these advances have occurred is in the field of communications. It is now over half a century since Sir Winston made his opinions known on the status and utility of the spy, and in recent years it has been a fertile field of debate as to whether the spy is an anachronism, best confined to the comic book antics of the James Bond films, or whether the human race still has a large, and sinister, yet definable role within state security for the spy's activities?

It can be said that the naive, and those with rose tinted spectacles, are often the quickest to shut away in the cupboard marked, 'obsolete; not wanted on voyage,' to anything and everything that can cloud their vision or minds, to the darker side of human nature. Amongst these well meaning folks this country and perhaps the whole of western civilisation, have been blighted by this premature desire to follow the best of all possible worlds in their ambition to claim the accolade of leading peace-maker? How better to claim this than by creating a level playing field from which even those handicapped by the three legged stool of uneven dimensions will easily master the art of equality with grace?

Surely the time has come to see these bogus machinations for what they are? before the whole system turns sanity and logic completely on its head ?

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  1. Change of the title of this blog entry before leaving for Brookfield to take Sheila to shop at M&S., a small change but felt right: added the word Jazz. On our return by car I heard Barry Manilow giving an example, in his Steve Wright interview how he had added a jazz album to his tenth anniversary of songs. To add a different interest. Was this a LINK? If so it may have been the third I have detected in the past week or so from BBC Rad.2. We are both fans anyway.