Friday, 25 May 2012

Universal Truth ?

Universal Truth ?

'Pride and Prejudice,' [1813] Ch.1. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.                 Jane Austen 1775-1817.

My wife has set me a problem. Nothing new in that you would probably think. In setting this problem entirely unsuspectingly she may have hit on a completely new vein of thought which had passed me by for some considerable time, years in fact. Or merely put the mockers on forty years of effort and kidding myself that I had solved a fundamental problem, to reveal an obscure red herring of enormousness proportions, that had been clogging up the progress and smooth flow of humanity's evolution toward a more peaceful and productive life style. For the moment though my problems are more mundane. Bins to be removed to the back of the house. Breakfast to prepare. Ironing to make a start with, been putting that one off for a few days.

What brought the whole matter to a head was the Magazine 'Akhand Jyoti,' [ The light divine ] {}, which was given to me to read, and furnish an opinion. I had been doing so over the course of the past week including exerts to my wife, which I felt often illustrated anecdotes of moral tales or life lessons, similar and sometimes from the Bible. The essence of the magazine, while Hindu, also appeared to incorporate stores and life lessons from other sources. The illustration of Androcles and the lion, being an example.

After several days of reading these items to my wife, and comparing them with my own efforts, which had caused her so much anguish in the past. She finally put her opinion on the line: Just what is so marvellous about them? They are just Universal Truth, the sort of things you learn with your mother's milk. Then to cap it she quoted the opening line from Jane Austen's, Pride and Prejudice, [ top of page ]. Certainly a definite, riposte of quality to put the argument in a category. Which was that of a middle class lady two hundred years ago, where options were decidedly limited. In the past half century or so many universal truths have been laid in the dust of 'progressive thought and action,' the phrase hardly has a single unifying component.

Not to mention the pecking order of moral and ethical of rights and responsibilities of the group. With tie-in reference and deference to the human rights, and total inconsiderate selfish individual responsibilities. Over laid with health and safety consideration, once again with the demeaning of the individual's right to place themselves in danger to accomplish what : instinct, faith and determination often successfully accomplished, before society allowed nanny's apron strings to strangle its initiative. 

When offered the magazine to read I had been discussing with my friend how much better the world would be if we could get together and pool all the good stuff we believed in and got rid of the bad, which divides us and leads to conflicts and worse. I used one of my favourite illustrations of the compromise, using the cake division. The trouble is if you carry on dividing it all you end up with is a few crumbs. Why? He replied: that it is because everyone finds it too difficult to give things away. They prefer to keep what they have. Regrettably there were plenty of illustrations to that view, of my own, which showed how this opinion was correct. One that has bugged me a great deal since retirement is the difficulty with parting with clothes and other items there is little further use for, but they become difficult to give away. The problem is the history, the mental baggage of times past.

Nevertheless despite often making it clear that what I was writing was really only an update on times past, my ideas and theories did have something to offer. The trouble was I could see and hear her frustration. My rants, short tempter bursts and occasional impatience, spoke more to her of the bar-room bore, or the trade union agitator, fighting yesterday's war. Than a man with intellectual status, and an incisive mind camouflaging a new approach to love, life the universe and everything. Who really had found the mental leap the most difficult to acknowledge: my long suffering wife or myself? Even now with the whole matter coming through so abundantly well, I had to suppress the odd pang of self-doubt. Even so instinctively now I knew there was no way I could, would, or even should explain to her just what the nitty-gritty of my ideas were that had been fine tuned and now about to be launched through my blog onto the world at large.

So what is this, Universal Truth ? that we all learn at our mother's breast? For me it is the strength of the will to survive. The will is the basic survival tool of the brain to enable it to survive long enough to develop a mind with which to link to the brain. In the development of the most highly evolved life form on the planet, humanity. There are many, many dozens of other complex changes progressing throughout the body, without specialist medical expertise it would be foolish to detail any programme of these changes in their sequence to the build up of the mature adult. It is a given though that each child is developed along the various lines it is fortunate or less so to follow. These will include, country of birth, family group, number of siblings, status of parents, quality of teachers. The child's ability to adapt their own temperament to suit the mature adults they come into contact.

Naturally this process of adaptation, and continual adjustment of perspective, will continue for the rest of the individual's life-span. It is my belief that this life-span can be considerably extended where the mind is not allowed to become cluttered with negative thoughts to the extent that far too much time is allowed for dwelling on past errors of deed, or judgement. Essentially a mantra of: remembrance of things past, live and dwell in the present, dream and plan for the future. Simple but how quickly it can be forgotten in the mad rush to live in the future, if only in the mind? Or perhaps especially in the mind.

Like many breakthroughs and changes of life style longevity, will most likely build gradually as the older generation gets used to the confidence that numbers will give to the survivors. Then there will be help to begin to break away from the dependency of a retirement age set in stone, which can in many cases be a death sentence in disguise, and certainly to  the manual workers, who need to be weaned off the bone crushing labour that has sent so many to early graves in the past centuries.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Feeding Frenzy.

A Feeding Frenzy.

We all know that this one refers in the latest popular jargon in the media when they get the whiff of a new, breaking story line that will sell their newspapers or magazines. Anything goes that the press designates the sacrificial goat of the hour or day. The main thing that it does not signify is that anyone least of all the destitute, starving or poorly will get feed , it is merely an expression taken from the frantic activity seen when the local fish in a pond seeking to maximise its share of the food thrown into the water. In the past few weeks it has been a revelation to me to lose about fifteen to twenty pound of weight, lose besides a taste for food coupled with a slow digestion; result, so far the weight has remained off.

Though to a degree I have regained my taste for food, I believe the result may be down a lessening of the desire to eat as much as before. Time will tell if this is correct. It could be the completion of my arguments regarding the new perspective releasing a large degree of frustration. From what I understand ; over eating, smoking and drinking, in fact most obsessive behaviour can be down to frustration. Should this prove to be the case and I feel it will, it could be the first plank in my case to build a more rational structure for tomorrow's society. Naturally enough nobody is going to take a jot of notice of my opinions, theories, conjecture about the past, present or future, especially when even my long term wife appears to believe I am merely peddling basic natural truth. I sincerely hope it is her way of keeping me grounded?

Which of course I am. The question is how do you break out from the voice crying in the wilderness; endeavouring to show that the natural truth you are presenting has been turned upside down and inside out. When you think about it there must be a parallel between what happened with the Greek Intellectual World, where the planets went round the sun, and fifteen hundred years of church hierarchy stupidly, before a timid cleric put the record straight again?  That  this new view of nature and its long term life expectancy will completely revolutionize the whole perspective of life on earth and finally bring the much needed sanity of humanity to fruition, and out of the bog standard mental scrapyard it has been struggling with for the past several hundred years. Now however by the wonderful inventions and many other creations that have caused the human ego to inflate itself to that of godlike status and proportions, the human race has run itself into a blind alley; arrogance and greed, fuelling, debt, deceit and corruption. Perhaps it is time to look again at the parable of the wise and foolish virgins?

Yes, it has all be written before, in the West and the East, without doubt, North and South as well. To me what is in fact strange is that so many things I learnt many years ago are only now truly being revealed to me in their correct context. You see for example the simple truth of the observation; we all have feet of clay. Whatever our accomplishment may be you can be assured it would not have come about without the help of others, the more difficult, the more help you will have to have to succeed in the task.

Monday, 14 May 2012

James Bond and all that Jazz.

James Bond and all that Jazz.

Sir Winston Churchill is reputed to have placed the spy on the top most pinnacle of the warrior caste. Of recent times though the the spy's status has rather slumped, I would suggest, in the public imagination and esteem. The alleged exploits of MI5, MI6, and the CIA, with others over the past few years, to counter the exploits of those who would disrupt the British and American ways of life. Of course in many ways Sir Winston, had a relatively clear cut situation to hand down his opinion and judgement. Now with the threads of conspiracy, intrigue; religious and secular interwoven: the whole laced with moral, ethical and financial corruption, who can give an objective assessment of the way out of the quagmire?

In the past century the human race has solved many outstanding problems in its attempts to consolidate its destiny as the master species on the planet. Nevertheless these advances have in many ways only exacerbated the problems that already were crying out for solution. One of the greatest areas in which these advances have occurred is in the field of communications. It is now over half a century since Sir Winston made his opinions known on the status and utility of the spy, and in recent years it has been a fertile field of debate as to whether the spy is an anachronism, best confined to the comic book antics of the James Bond films, or whether the human race still has a large, and sinister, yet definable role within state security for the spy's activities?

It can be said that the naive, and those with rose tinted spectacles, are often the quickest to shut away in the cupboard marked, 'obsolete; not wanted on voyage,' to anything and everything that can cloud their vision or minds, to the darker side of human nature. Amongst these well meaning folks this country and perhaps the whole of western civilisation, have been blighted by this premature desire to follow the best of all possible worlds in their ambition to claim the accolade of leading peace-maker? How better to claim this than by creating a level playing field from which even those handicapped by the three legged stool of uneven dimensions will easily master the art of equality with grace?

Surely the time has come to see these bogus machinations for what they are? before the whole system turns sanity and logic completely on its head ?

Friday, 11 May 2012

An Ideal Solution?

An Ideal Solution ?                                                                                      T: 11 :17 :   Friday, 11 May 2012

Always used to be one of the funny little eccentricities to log the time starting and finishing my letters, articles and log entries. One of the reasons being to see how long it took to get a reaction, if any, of course usually and for a long time the was none. In an effort to try and get my life back into some sort of order. I thought it was an idea to reinstate some of my better habits of the past. Actually I started about a week ago on this spring clean as you might say to get my life back. Although there had been a quote from Aristotle sent to me on the subject of ingraining habits. The point being I believe is that being creatures of habit, it is better to make sure the habits are those of excellence.

That I think just maybe where I have been going wrong? Of late, and for the past several months. I have allowed myself, despite being of a fairly advanced age, and should be well immune to these sudden burst of enthusiasms to gradually almost unnoticed had my life taken away from me. Don't smirk at the back there it is quite possible that you as well are experiencing this problem. Of course if you are at work presently and your assignment is not the most stimulating in the world it maybe that you have decide to enhance your scope by adding this and that to your out tray to get a greater response from your input tray.

If you have or indicate that you have more that half a brain. Soon you will find your monitor is filled, mostly with the most banal rubbish, asinine ideas, and opinions that ever were spawned from the mind of mortal man or woman for that matter. Suddenly you become aware that you want your life back. If you are at work, well I was for six thousand years, well that's just what it seems like now actually not quite that long. When I came up with this fantastic solution to the problem's that seem to be blighting the world. The trouble is I have a feeling that there is a monster space ship about to annihilate the UK to make way for a hyperspace by-pass any moment now, and certainly before I get this blog entry finished.
T: 12 : 00.
T: 20 : 12.
Well I have thought this one through many times and so it should make it easier for me, at least. The feeling from what has been put out and tried to fault but it still appears to hold good under all the tests I can think to place it under, it still remains the best solution. To recapitulate the human race faces three/ four options.

[1] To continue as at the present time. This includes a struggle for supremacy based on wealth, power from said wealth, and building a network of allegiance to your power and wealth.
[2] As [1] but hoping that the medical and pharmaceutical professions will crack the problem of an infinite life-span.
[3] Allowing the development of a Computer One, complex. This could comprise a total machine or a married human couple?

To my reasoning [1] disqualifies itself as unsustainable in the long term.
[2] Is an unreasonable fantasy solution, especially when viewed from any logistic long term point of view.
[3] Coupled together: computer one does appeal to my reasoning. Due to allowing a slow, incremental flow from one system to a totally new concept of living in a disciplined environment, with the attraction of a far longer life span. Gradually built up over many years.

My conclusion is that the choice of [3] has already been taken as the only really viable solution. Whether my conclusion over-estimates the intelligence of our species; while we still have a choice, remains the question, which the rest of the world will have to decide, with a reasonable amount of effort.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Awakening to Absolution?

Awakening to Absolution?

I hate to anticipate too much so the hope is that the title of this post does not come across as too arrogant, or with presumptuousness? Even so after the best part of forty years of living with what must in my book be the biggest secret ever locked up in the skull of one individual the search for an appropriate title for this post did cause me some head scratching. Nevertheless if I may take a moment to sketch out the possibilities of the situation as they occur to me. A year or so ago while attempting to put across some part of my ideas on religion and secular belief  the realisation came across that the audience really could not care less. About either, the conflict between the two. Or the shades to be found with the various codes of belief.

Similarly the difference between secular understanding and the melding of secular and religious belief. It was painfully obvious that the areas of moral and ethical knowledge and understanding, had degenerated well below any obviously noticeable level, with the general population. The advances, such as they were, that supposedly took the general population on to a higher plane of civilised behaviour and understanding were, in fact denuding the majority of their concern and interdependence.

It is my belief much of this indifference and lack of concern; once the new parameters begin to become more understood, accepted and manipulated, by the general population: will disappear as the new possibilities begin to dawn. It is an interesting fact, accepted, but tends to be overlooked by the older generation's perspective that the youngsters filled with boundless optimism and the joys of life, not to mention testosterone, not only believe they will live fore ever but expect to do exactly that, and when they think about it at all or are challenged on the subject merely dismiss older more mature views as being : 'past it'. Dimly they understand that life is finite but choose to ignore such inconvenient paradigms.

This snag has given me some considerable angst when trying to resolve the question of longevity, but it is yet again, in my opinion, solvable with many of the worlds existing belief. Once again the saying: that there is nothing new under the sun, becomes relevant and pertinent. Please do not misunderstand me there is no way I underestimate the huge job it will be to subtly turn many of the rocks of faith and understanding that have for many years underpinned the mental ways of life, and acceptance of life, that govern the older generation.

Generally those over the age of fifty may see the desirability of what many younger folk are trying to project but see their machinations as far too naive and trusting. The impact of the possibilities of my vision during the early seventies, which I have detailed before and it gives me cause to wonder if some of the excesses with the diktats of the Health and Safety Department and their often extreme application has in some way filtered out from my early writings and possible observation of my initial behaviour?

Whether some of these decisions were taken with, conscious belief and understanding of what had been written or some mysterious osmosis, there is little way of knowing . My descriptions of thought and deed from the powerful shock to my previous system of belief by the experience of the vision granted me at that time. Shattering as it did my total interconnected constructs of reality and understanding of that reality. Once the importance of the vision and its potential to life on this planet seeped through, the responsibility to carry this forward to other minds became of overwhelming.

Actually it has only been during the past few months there has been a marked acceleration in the confidence expressed in the ideas that have been posted, this gives the support and energy to continue to sort out the answers to many of the hidden doubts and misgivings that such a breakthrough throws up.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Tree of Knowledge, and Enlightenment.

 The Tree of Knowledge and Enlightenment.

Well let me just say to warn you and remind myself, that, the Tree of Knowledge and Enlightenment, has been growing upwards and simultaneously, as trees must do, putting down roots for many centuries. I as you also no doubt have had good cause to give thanks to this tree for many things; knowledge and enlightenment, and information. From these you have gained an education, health, wealth, and happiness. If fortune favoured you a partner was added. Then friends; a family to expand your circle, and the ripples went further and further as you built on your knowledge and the enlightenment it brought you from your efforts to do right by your acquaintance with life.

First you are unsure but push forward to test the boundaries that are found every day. Mistakes are made but many smile with indulgence as the old hands know the young need to find for themselves the limits of their powers, and the dangers that may lie in wait to thwart their ambitions. The joy that may come when the young outstrip the older hand with a new twist to their experience often has to be tempered with an unpleasant lesson, previously overlooked or deliberately ignored. In fact as we grow to maturity there are many and varied the lessons to be learned from the Tree of Knowledge.

I have good cause to pass on the warning learnt from my failure to understand the dangers of climbing alone, too high, and too fast, so becoming isolated and then misunderstood, from what I felt were my gains from the Tree of Knowledge. Having assembled as best as I could at the time and awaited the sound of trumpets as the impact of my missives reverberated around the media and establishment. Naturally enough with no status or standing, all I heard was the wonderful sound of silence, and the word wonderful is used advisedly. In a few days, even in my mentally exhausted state, I had learnt a vital lesson.

It was a lesson or situation, I had seen depicted many times in the sci-fi/ horror, genre of fiction. The scientist, doctor, investigative journalist, has invented, or discovered, a new world threatening [ double-edged sword syndrome ]. The only ways to tackle this threat to the status quo is to, place a security notice on the information; reduce the whole idea, and the peddler to the rank of harmless crank, jester or imbecile. In the mean time there being no wish on my part to end in any of these blind alley categories.

So as the months turned into years and having the dubious satisfaction of turning antagonistic some of my family alien to my ideas, or treating me impatiently as a half-wit, the lesson was learnt, harshly and with a very bitter taste the truth of the sayings that: genius is not recognised within your own family, or the prophet within their own country. These claims may seem outrageous but for many years such self-appointed titles were merely a sober realisation and acknowledgement to my inner self that this was my true status. Acknowledged or not, without even the outer trappings of my peers for consultation, it could be that the night watches became a less than friendly.

Slowly I learnt the valuable lesson that all talkative, and emotional types like myself have to learn; the art of talking but saying nothing. So after awhile most folks will stop listening, often this means you end up being a caricature of the blind alley variety but the essence of your belief remains in tact and slowly you have space to build, hone and modify. Some, possibly many, die waiting the opportunity to exploit their big idea. If however the the gods are willing and the time is right then things begin to throw more and more support to build into the edifice you have nurtured over long years.

Despite all my many misgivings as to where I was going with my main chance, every twist and turn in the road now seems to take me and mine closer to confirmation that such a solution is probable, and desirable. Not merely possible at some vague time in the future. Many of the wishy-washy political activists and the political forelock knucklers, have in a phrase been hoist with their own petard recently, and continue to be so. Due to the pace of change, it is often the older generation past retirement age and the young upstarts who are making monkeys out of those who have mortgaged their careers away to lick-spittal around such asinine fashions as political correctness and the latest, blot on the landscape, shaving off great chunks of British backbone; health and safety.

As my wife said to me yesterday: ' How much longer will the silent majority remain silent? '

Well as one of my favourite commentators Andrew Alexander wrote today in his column :  - this spring is proving a psephologist's dream. Everywhere he is begged for his expert analysis.