Saturday, 25 August 2012

An Alternative Scenario.

An Alternative Scenario.

Many moons ago when I was no bigger than a grasshopper and all the grass around the locality had grown long and shaggy, just like many will think this tale bears a remarkable likeness to, due in the main to efforts being made to win the second World Conflict. My dear old mum took me to see the headmaster at our primary school to discover his idea of my chances in the local examinations coming up for the local grammar school.

His report and manner glowed with confidence and assurance at my chance of success. Certainly he will pass with flying colours that much is certain. Overall in the class he is top, and in most of the necessary and prime subjects solidly in the lead. Really you have no worries as to your son's success. In fact I would say he is definitely one of the brighter and more able lads we have had here for some years.

After such a glowing report and gratifying endorsement of his judgement of my chances. The follow up letter to announce my success, though with the invitation to an interview to complete the offer of  a place in the school quickly following. It all seemed the barely worth the effort of a single doubt. How harsh, and brutal life can appear to be sometimes? With retrospect the scruffy lad who had stood before the interview board must have looked a very unlikely candidate for their preparation schedule, of potential university material.

So to an older hand like my father the ways of the world held many disappointments though few surprises. For the odd moment or two he allowed a brief glimpse of his feelings to show before consoling me. As I have been trying out recently is the idea that, with the circumstantial evidence of my own experience racketed up over sixty or more years there is a convincing alternative scenario, and a much more positive one that I feel can be considered.

On our way through life there are many forks in the road and which choice you take is not always dependant on the free will though many will attempt to seduce us with the idea that this is the case. With so many oddities that have occurred over the years in my erratic voyage of trial, error and discovery it is rather surprising never to have considered this before.

But then perhaps it is possible that I have and might also have come to much the same conclusion as now?
At the time one of the comic strips in the Daily Mirror our usual reading fare in the house were running a strip cartoon with the leading character called Garth who was being brought up away from prying eyes by two eccentric professors , using controversial techniques. Their system in the cartoon soon produced a super man.

Naturally I soon dismissed any romantic idea that my own disappointment was in anyway linked to this odd idea, of social engineering. However over the years the idea in embryo did reappear many times but could usually be fobbed off, until that is forty years ago, when my 'revelation,' put the final nail in its coffin. Though in point of fact in the intervening years the revelation of December 1972, put a vast swath of my previous, rocks of faith and points of reference into limbo in trying to interpret its meaning.

Now reviewing the checked history my career has experienced since the age of ten, and a more sober reflection of events there does seem a more objective possibility to why the answer to an age old conundrum could be unravelled by other than the sword.

Friday, 17 August 2012

For those with Eyes.

For those with Eyes.

For those with eyes to see. As anyone will tell you, if you do not know already though I suspect you may do. The fuller quote is have ears to hear. The message and the messenger are crystal clear. Unfortunately as I have discovered to my cost there is very often a vast difference between what the messenger can even begin to say to clarify their message to those who have no desire or wish, to see or hear.

The curse of the closed mind. Of course to a degree, sometimes an unnerving degree afflicts us all. Fortunately there are always a goodly number of folks around who are willing to challenge the status quo, despite, even in a relatively free wheeling world, of today, which has been illustrated only too starkly with the comments posted on the social sites of Twitter.

A good deal of the misunderstanding has been the rather naive idea promulgated by the young, talented youth who created the medium that something of a virginal nature. If operated by, and with the best of intentions will, can and should be sacrosanct from criticism of anyone, especially the older generation. The older generation which of course, always carries with it a good deal of extraneous baggage.

It is this extraneous baggage, which is there and has to be taken into consideration if one wishes to make valued judgements and maintain a balanced viewpoint. This lesson of the value of experience has in recent years become, to a great degree, devalued due to the great speed of change. This has led to the more impetuous, creative and demanding leaders and innovators of the e-revolution to unbalance the system.

No-one least of all me, decries the enthusiasm, drive and sheer energy of youth, which under the weight of a bank of handicaps felt itself stifled, blocked and stymied then reduced by a fossilized system of promotion and often inferior management, versus the ever bloody minded, often one track issue, union opposition, with their 1984, slogans and mind set,  to await  the tortuous passage of years as their lives were whittled away.

Naturally the result of all this disastrous build up of raw energy has been a complete meltdown of the financial  and economic systems of the global economy. The political leaders either, with no real understanding of the power they weald, or paralysed by the overwhelming irresponsibles they face. The bedrock of the underlying trends that a broad grounding in history would underscore.

Having been jettisoned over a period of thirty years by trendy teaching methods and an ethos of all should have prizes, which merely reflects a basic weakness in a teaching regime and culture and encourages futile discontent and dissatisfaction with everything. From this children emerge from a school, even a university degree course, as a half-baked product, to manage a half-baked system.

The politicians, far too many of the same variety, many without even the tempering effect of some years cut and thrust of the labour market, have in effect polarised and neutered parliament. Too many it must be an embarrassment to observe, stagger about not unlike the young drunks, high on drugs and alcohol, where the age difference is far too narrow to be comfortable to men and women of more years to draw the necessary conclusions. Seeking solace and answers God only knows where. Certainly the time must have come for a massive rethink?

In a phrase. We have experienced, for some years now, a society where the mangy tail of the dog does the wagging for the whole body politic. Much to the disgust of the older more level headed silent majority.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Evolve or Die!

Evolve or Die !

Perhaps the title of the page is posted too starkly but the startling events of the London Olympics 2012, give a good backdrop and think piece to those who might be interested in the possibilities of the next step forward. Naturally with many thousands of others I have been analysing like there is no tomorrow on the results and impact of what we have witnessed in the past two weeks and whether it has any relevance on future events?

The whole issue to me is that the analysis points not to there is no tomorrow, but that there is a vastly different tomorrow opening before the human race. Let us face it, I suspect even the Almighty might consider his creation had run into a brick wall. If he has a Television in His heavenly suite. He must be highly cheesed off with the constant repeats. So it is with much gratitude he appears to support the efforts made by thousands of  New and Old British subjects, to put on a good show this past fortnight.

Naturally everyone does not seem to be entirely satisfied, then again there are always the nit-pickers, sour grapes artists, and mal-contents, but even with these barrel scrapers for justified complaint, an old cynic like me, on occasions, remembers the almost countless times a breakthrough has gone begging because a detail was inflated to crucify the demands of the big picture. No doubt all ye Thomas', will not be satisfied until at least Christmas.

And do not overlook in passing the propaganda artist, who is only paid to cheat, deceive and mislead the poor hard working stiff. I wonder if such creatures who owed their livelihood not to honest, productive toil but a more mischievous aim or ambition in life: the Machiavellian tendency. In the past such creatures had their uses when ; power, confusion , chaos and confusion was sort as a distorted short cut to power and the obscenity of war.

It had been surmised but viewed with highly differing conclusions. What would in fact happen if the limiting parameters of life, and more particularly death, were lifted out of the reckoning? many in the high spheres of power viewing the increasing collapse of the current systems of social development were determined to settle the dispute by employing the answers thrown up by a young middle-aged, common man in the early seventies.

Obviously the essays assumptions were crude, and lacked the sophistication of a University trained mind, as so often this breakthrough was to everyone's advantage as it encouraged a reappraisal of perspective: very much a work in progress. This had remained the case with great profit for all engaged, over the next forty years.

Now the whole picture has been, in a few short weeks vastly changed, as the work of vast numbers, in many disciplines have produced a network of like minded souls, few in fact knowing the width and breath of the Project they had been engaged upon over the four decades of its existence.

Once again the electronic-mechanical computer concept has proved itself a vastly  useful and improving dimension in enhancing the total life existence; value and correction, to the merely decorative and seductive, but so often circular debate.

Monday, 6 August 2012



In the small hours of this morning about two or three o'clock I came up with what I thought might be of interest to those wishing to conjecture on the way forward to a truly united planet Earth. Naturally when you are in the four day of chemotherapy treatment and trying hard to stay with and on an even keel is sometimes a rather difficult exercise. I wonder first if all countries who have lived by the sea for centuries have so many words and phrases in the lexicon, I suspect it is so.

Anyhow we in England have to a degree been fortunate in being in the correct place by good fortune, or the design of the Almighty, and it might be seen a flexible attitude in adapting constantly to new nations input as the language developed.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Consider this if you will?

Consider this if you will?

At this time I am in my sixtieth year of life and have been employed by the company since March. 23-SD.14.
It is my belief that the year stated on the cover of this diary [ 1991 ] has a good deal more significance than would appear. To verify this statement may prove to be very difficult if not impossible, but an idea did occur some years ago that in the March of SD-18, a realignment of the World's significant computers began.

At that time our prefix, on the job records,* at the company changed from the letter K to M on, I believe, the 15 March. This date I am unable to confirm as the record has since been destroyed.

Extract from Master Log of Michael Ashiel, SD: 21-12-14                     * phrase added : July SD 39-8-17.

At this time the question was put to me that we should go over to an all digit number but I argued against it and the letter system with four digits was retained. Each new sequence starts at 4000 and finishes at 9999., with the omision of the 7000, sequence. Currently we are on the P, sequence. All of this may have no relevance to current affarirs but the possiblity remains.

Further extract from Master Log of Michael Ashiel,  SD: 21-12-24 .T.08 43.