Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cultureshock: Assessment.

It occurs to me now that with all vibrant design dynamic there are so many threads competing with each other to be shown, considered , and allocated their own sphere of influence, space and time become of absolute importance and consideration. In casting my net as wide as political considerations and the safety and security of the realm will allow it is essential to use as broad a brush as possible to give hope and information where the intelligent and the more mature older view can fill in more of the missing detail that I am not privy to in any case.

My approach is to once again layout, as I have already attempted in my second unpublished novel, 'Change of Emphasis,' a sketchy scenario along the lines of possible impact, damage limitation and subsequent social engineering, using the latest in the science of behavioural technology. My own ideas still follow much the same line as they did when I wrote the novel in 1984/5. At the time I felt speed and dissemination of the experience and knowledge I felt I had indelibly gained was of the essence and to ensure as large a spread of this information as possible had to be spread over as wide a field that I was capable of accomplishing. Initially I felt in this I had failed, but slowly with my gradual return to health, which was not complete even after three years, I slowly became aware that perhaps a degree of paranoia I had developed due to the impact and gravity of the responsibility, I felt had been thrust upon me, was leavened by numerous subtle supports I felt I had begun to receive.

My one and only major confidant expressed the opinion that new theories would take at least a generation to have any real affect on the population at large and projected a view of unlikely success with my efforts. My mind reeled back and forth with hope and depression. I first shrugged aside his prognosis and then agreed with such a practical and empirical view. The mountain of disbelief, minds set in stone, minds fearing the new and untried that threatened their own fortunes and practises. Then in 1988, I finally managed to solve the conundrum, I had set out late in 1972, to save mind exploding experience disappearing forever.

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