Friday, 11 November 2011

The Impact: Cultureshock.

In order to even attempt to understand what is happening now nearly four decades later, and what I sincerely hope will burgeon into the sunny uplands, often read about in the more high flown rhetoric of the politician. Wishing to give the hapless voter the feeling there is still room left on the gravy train for their dreams, if only they will allow a little leeway to the ambitious programme set out by the party.

Unfortunately to enable even a sketchy understanding of events we are contending with now does require at least a skate over what had led to the breakthrough in the early seventies. Naturally I use the word breakthrough really as a convenience as the ideas set out in the thesis article I wrote at the time: Going Through the Time Barrier, was really a representation of many previously presented ideas over the passage of centuries. They had been given added urgency and a little more sophistication by the addition of the wonder child of the mathematician, technologist and designer: the electronic computer.It began to seem to some the armoury of the philosopher, scientist, and engineer, was complete.

To put together a seemingly naive tract such as that projected by the presentation of the article needed a mentor to add more weight to my unqualified ravings. Who better than the next door neighbour, well qualified in the areas designated to support my case. Many times since the crucial events took place I have considered the apparent coincidence of excellent good fortune which placed him where he lived. Perhaps all endeavour to an extent is a miss mash, of intent, dreams, coincidence, good fortune, luck and fluke. Laced of course with application, the whole has to be married to positive striving for a wholly sustainable successful outcome. The historians among us will possibly be at issue with that premise but I believe it is so. If not it becomes a blind alley. The famous red herring of the who-dun-it, those who ache to turn every breakthrough of knowledge and invention into a double-edged sword of controversy and turn the event into the tragedy of a still birth.

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