Saturday, 5 November 2011

Review of Cultureshock Blogg.

Review of Cultureshock Blogg.

Hard to believe it is now over two months since I last considered adding to this blogg which is not totally true as I had considered doing so many times but could not settle on a theme or approach. In fact it remains the case that a theme of intensity to explore still eludes me. I do remain convinced that my original thesis concerning 'Going through the Time Barrier,' remains valid and with the existence and exploitation of so many varieties and types of devices and gadgets assisting the dissemination of information and knowledge on a vast and ever expanding scale.

When the idea first hit me and I felt within certain parameters this could possibly be the answer to so many questions that had eluded the best brains for centuries. Initially the impact was such that feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility I felt had been thrust upon me I walked everywhere with an exaggerated care for myself. This was justified by the essential need to carry through the idea. Naturally this almost robotic extreme of existence was totally impossible to retain over anything but the shortest period and within a short few days, a week or so such stilted habits of self preservation where gradually rejected for a normal life style and habits.

As the initial phase of intense elation gave way to deep depression and the days gave way to weeks and soon the months registered the passage of a full year and nothing appeared to have changed I came to accept if anything was to change it would be in the long term and the long view was an essential aspect to be cultivated. As my psyche became more stable from the volcanic eruption of late 1972, then 1973 and 74 passed away with the necessity of maintaining a measured family man's life style and responsibilities, I merely felt others had to be working on the effort made to project my 'breakthrough,' as I felt it was and had to be.

The alternatives were; an aberration, temporary insanity, or with serious analysis a viable and serious solution to many of the world's difficulties. As time and events moved away from the creative and crucial point of upheaval and slowly I came to feel I would achieve nothing by attempting to gain any credit, advancement or status from what was given away freely from the initial culture shock. This had shattered my total mental fabric and structure back in December 1972. Despite many attempts to do so I could not fault the premise that had been put forward. Slowly as the years began to pass many other possibilities appeared to present themselves. It also became evident that there were many supporters attempting, in many discreet and subtle ways to indicate their support. I came to think of these as my straws in the wind.

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  1. Well this entry posted according to the dated heading on 5 November 2011, is certainly far more substantial than the previous one of only three lines which I fully intend to add to eventually.