Monday, 14 November 2011

Cultureshock: Distillation.

I recorded the following distillation in a word format to enable me to, I hoped, unravel the meaning at some time in the future, in late December 1972, the precise day I took as the 16, some small doubt remains in my mind concerning this date, however I feel it is as good as any as a yard stick.

This word formula represents the total distillate and essence of what I felt summed up the traumatic and mind changing experience I had undergone. How long this lasted in time I have no way of being in any degree certain. Nevertheless I do have the memory sensation of having my life time experience and knowledge condensed rapidly and violently into a miniscule point in time and space, then just as rapidly and violently reverted back to normal. Later I was to have the feeling that for a short period, which now might be recorded as a nano-second I was, or at least my consciousness was dead.

This is what I wrote and was published in: The Essex Bowman, magazine, in 1974.

To those who are interested in the Laws of Logic and may see the point of solving this riddle.

What goes round but must go straight to remain stable: with knowledge the key?

Initially jokers will be discarded to save time.

A few weeks later in a moment of hysterical depression on, 27 January 1973 I added the rider:

If this isn't the answer to everything I'll be damned to all eternity.

*                        *                        *                          *                         *                    *                  *

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  1. It is quite amazing and sobering to remember in my case that the vital core of the above post was originally written in the early days of 1973, and seemed so vital, and urgent at the time. Now it takes a degree of resolution not to delete, it and with it the rest of my blog entries. Letting them disappear into the ether.