Saturday, 5 November 2011

With the best of Intentions.

With the best of Intentions.

With the next blogg of  Cultureshock I feel I now have the confidence to put forward what from my extremely limited viewpoint maybe a possible scenario triggered by the writings referred to in 1972. The impact. The analysis and the plan to test, then exploit their potential.

This re-write and general expansion of what is in fact, the fourth entry in my blog is, to show that my confidence and resolution on matters I feel are to some large extent down to my own  is an efforts and therefore my responsibility. Whether subsequent historical records and assessment will in fact allow a little more latitude as to the degree of that responsibility, will be in other hands. Time and the unravelling of events is very rarely an exact science as there are often too many threads to be plotted and plated and thereby unravelled before any semblance of sequence or chronology can be accurately arrived at with analysis. In my unique position, in the eye of the storm, as it might be said, I feel a certain duty to put forward my personal perspective and hope it will help matters.

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  1. This surely must be my shortest blog entry and I feel it is something I shall amend now to try and give it a reason to exist on the series at all.... to be cont......