Friday, 25 November 2011

Cultureshock: Wishful thinking?

Cultureshock: Wishful thinking?

Earlier today I read a longish report on the Cambridge University speech by the Education Secretary Michael Gove. He was setting out his wish list which he feels will put the terrible mess the country has got itself into by following an utterly bankrupt philosophy, which put the emphasis on the tail rather that the head of the animal. In doing so it can only be hoped he has caught the tide of opinion as it climbs to its zenith.

It is now such an undisputed fact that the country is in a hole, economically, ethically, and morally that like the little lemming, a good slice of the educational establishment and their brothers and sisters of related public service endeavours wound up by their union activists refuse to see the wood for the trees and are insisting on their fifteen minutes of fame, as they rush boldly to the edge of the cliff, and the abyss.

Is it really that bad? Well surely like most things in life it really all depends in just what you want for your time and money? Like our Education Secretary Gove, it is my hope that I to have timed my effort correctly in my attempt to project my vision of the possible into the public consciousness. At the age I am now it would be a total irresponsibility not to place at least some outline of my ideas and their possibilities before my peers for their judgement and possible sport. I say sport advisedly because the potential for a great deal of ridicule and bear baiting does seem to be a given with the claims and ideas I hope to be outlining in the next months.

First let me place a thought on the wires, as they say these days. Does it seem to you that everything you have learnt since your early years, which had seemed set in stone, has been of recent years gradually, though with increasing speed of late, been crumbling to dust almost between your feet? I had this sensation some years ago, in fact in the early seventies. This period of rapid change, in my beliefs continued until the early nineties. For the best part of twenty years I had wrestled with a totally new concept of fundimentals, rocks of faith and a new realm of the possible. Time and again I had attempted to reject my new vision and return to the stability of my youth and early years.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cultureshock: Flash- forward.

Cultureshock: Flash-forward.

Bored? Obviously not exactly the best question to ask if you want to grip someone and hold their attention?before I retired I used to pour scorn and derision on folks who said that I would be bored to death within weeks.

'Narr, ' I'd scoff back contemptuously,' Not half as much as I am now. You're only bored in life if your imagination is lacking.' Then as a rider would often add my favourite riddle; what is the difference between a rut and the grave? I had asked so many times they all knew the answer, quite often they did not wait to hear my reply; 'retirement you apes.' I would cry out, in frustration, or laugh at their derision, most thought my mental health was a little suspect anyhow. Despite this they loved to bait me on the occasions when life in the drawing office became too tedious. Nevertheless I would shout after their receding backs: 'It's twice as long!.' I knew it was all part of the game. The rich game of life, but who would have the last laugh?

Yes, there is usually at least one in every office. In most of the offices I worked in I was the one. The easiest to wind-up. The one who the phrase 'don't take yourself too seriously was written to describe.' Though I often could not see when the line had been crossed. And once again I had become the patsy of the hour. It was in fact to take me several years into retirement before the penny dropped, and I discovered just what a smart cookie I really was, not the sort of statement you would expect to hear from a modest before all things, Englishman.

In fact most of what I have already written on this blog and it is not very stimulating to state the obvious. So. So I thought why not? In my youth [many moons ago] when we went to the flicks, we were often confronted by the flashback. A device which I believe has, in the main , fallen into disuse. Probably because although the endings could surprise in the hands of a good writer,actors and director, most folks preferred the uncomplicated straightforward story line. Or perhaps it is true that with the demise of creative use of the imagination film and TV makers have make much plainer and straightforward the story line and their intentions. The drawback with the global imagination must then be is: one size fits all. Just like the euro. What a ghastly realisation that could be?

Then again in the past four decades events in the World at large have taken on a fresh and stimulating aspect to those who are interested in the huge panorama of these changes. Sometimes it appears that the whole of creation is in the same state of flux that must have heralded the start or end of the various ice ages. The difference in those past times was a certain lack of homo-sapiens to complicate issues and invent trials of guilt, especially those by default. As everyone will know trial by default is where most common folk know something is so because they have lived with it for weeks, months, sometimes years. Had their noses rubbed in the stupidity of the hierarchy who insist on the agreed way; the traditional route to damnation.

The expert who guards his knowledge with the passion only reserved for those who threaten his status and pension.  Then suddenly a few gifted, or gilded bods from some university or other produce, at great expense, a pontification on the subject. A favoured hack is briefed and another sensational article or essay sallies forth into the public domain of opinion where grumpy old characters like me will say to their long suffering other halves; I've been telling them that for years. Mind you it is the great saving grace to me that I realised almost as soon as my vision receded and I began to assess the impact that there was no doubt in my mind premature claims on my part as to what this meant would lead only to total melt down.

Now with the past forty years in the United Kingdom, at least, in the hands of the wreakers, incompetents, point scores and general second raters the invaluable knowledge placed at their disposal appears to have been frittered away. Or has it? My own feeling for what it is worth. Despite the asinine short sightedness of the educationalists, still full of their own misguided theories of eqalitarisim, the rest of the World is moving on some might say at a very smart lick. Unfortunately it is almost written into our non-existent constitution that Britain should strip right down to their jock straps, or g-strings, before they take the threats of Johnny Foreigner seriously.

So to my mind there is absolutely nothing new in the present state of unprepared minds to face the challenge even though the enemy is hardly at the gates. They are already entrenched in a whole phalanx of jobs, ghettos, and all the other nasty little ways in which threatened minorities, consolidate from their breaches of the their host, who have been unworldly enough to allow not merely unrestricted entry but positively encouraged the situation. It might prove considerably harder to evict them than the misguided morons who created the situation in the first instance anticipated. Then again do we really want to evict them from their hard won initiative. They have shaken us up and given us a hard smack on the nose. Was it ever the British way to cry, 'foul,' when you are shown the way back to the correct path to repair your fortunes?

Fully aware as I am that shame has left by the back door. Ethics and well tailored clothes are a sign of the wastrel and popinjay. Uniform, illustrates the mind of those inside and is a preset to most of the thinking in the twentieth century. How easy it is to label by appearance instead of at least attempting to evaluate and appreciate? Now however we have the ultimate twin expressions of the new way of thinking as you strive to make your pile, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. The twin pinnacles of achievement, so we are given to understand? but I wonder just how much anyone really understands? This could be the last throw of Mammon, how can such frenzies not burn themselves to ashes?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cultureshock: Vacuum and Threads

Vacuum and Threads.

We are always being told that nature abhors a vacuum. So I think my efforts today are an attempt to link this statement with what I'm attempting to achieve without getting too far up the tree of knowledge and end up not being understood by anyone, not even myself. This situation did occur some years ago, not very enjoyable,though it taught a valuable lesson.

The image on the right was taken I believe shortly after I started my new life, with a new name and family. My best estimate is that I was about fifteen months or so of age. So about early 1937.

So what has this all to do with vacuums? Good question, I had begun to wonder myself. I believe the answer lies in the the fact that I was adopted. In a very real sense my adoption was to fill a vacuum left by the death of a boy of eighteen months, from bronchial pneumonia. I have often wondered what was changed by his death and taking his place in the scheme of things. Over the years I have felt an odd extra spur to be worthy of this change and not be merely grateful to my adopted family for the chance to fill any degree of sadness over their loss. An impossibility naturally, it always has to be a case of your own merits. Not a second chance to make comparisons with your loss.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cultureshock: Decimation.


Probably before I had completed the conundrum, I had already realised the word formula with which I had attempted to encapsulate my vision, would not be the end of the necessary steps to try and ensure the knowledge that I was attempting to transmit and project to other minds was not short circuited.

From this acceptance and realisation the next days I wrote and transmitted articles to a variety of ten publications which I felt contained a fertile field of brain power which would be in a far better position to exploit my offering. Time was of the essence and my feeling was to take the chance that had been offered. Instinctively it was apparent that to labour at an effort to project every last detail that may have ensued from a book would be to waste a heaven sent opportunity that hardly came in a dozen life times.

So the articles went off sent with a passion and expectancy I had every right to expect the World would immediately sit up and take notice. Naturally enough the World did no such thing. Even the article I felt was the king pin and key to the whole terrific adventure, landed back on my doormat some time later. The impact of the vision: the effort to record and distribute my interpretation of the possibilities it presented. The cold silence of rejection, all combined to place me inside a psychiatric hospital, toward the end of January 1973.

Fortunately the medical staff appeared to be quite used to the traumas, tantrums and odd pronouncements uttered by those in their care. My case they took in their stride, so when rather to my amazement I managed to get back into work within the recognised period of two months, though heavily drugged, and cursing every second feeling more moronic than man I struggled through a hazy year and more putting one foot in front of the other with careful precision.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Cultureshock: Distillation.

I recorded the following distillation in a word format to enable me to, I hoped, unravel the meaning at some time in the future, in late December 1972, the precise day I took as the 16, some small doubt remains in my mind concerning this date, however I feel it is as good as any as a yard stick.

This word formula represents the total distillate and essence of what I felt summed up the traumatic and mind changing experience I had undergone. How long this lasted in time I have no way of being in any degree certain. Nevertheless I do have the memory sensation of having my life time experience and knowledge condensed rapidly and violently into a miniscule point in time and space, then just as rapidly and violently reverted back to normal. Later I was to have the feeling that for a short period, which now might be recorded as a nano-second I was, or at least my consciousness was dead.

This is what I wrote and was published in: The Essex Bowman, magazine, in 1974.

To those who are interested in the Laws of Logic and may see the point of solving this riddle.

What goes round but must go straight to remain stable: with knowledge the key?

Initially jokers will be discarded to save time.

A few weeks later in a moment of hysterical depression on, 27 January 1973 I added the rider:

If this isn't the answer to everything I'll be damned to all eternity.

*                        *                        *                          *                         *                    *                  *

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cultureshock: Assessment.

It occurs to me now that with all vibrant design dynamic there are so many threads competing with each other to be shown, considered , and allocated their own sphere of influence, space and time become of absolute importance and consideration. In casting my net as wide as political considerations and the safety and security of the realm will allow it is essential to use as broad a brush as possible to give hope and information where the intelligent and the more mature older view can fill in more of the missing detail that I am not privy to in any case.

My approach is to once again layout, as I have already attempted in my second unpublished novel, 'Change of Emphasis,' a sketchy scenario along the lines of possible impact, damage limitation and subsequent social engineering, using the latest in the science of behavioural technology. My own ideas still follow much the same line as they did when I wrote the novel in 1984/5. At the time I felt speed and dissemination of the experience and knowledge I felt I had indelibly gained was of the essence and to ensure as large a spread of this information as possible had to be spread over as wide a field that I was capable of accomplishing. Initially I felt in this I had failed, but slowly with my gradual return to health, which was not complete even after three years, I slowly became aware that perhaps a degree of paranoia I had developed due to the impact and gravity of the responsibility, I felt had been thrust upon me, was leavened by numerous subtle supports I felt I had begun to receive.

My one and only major confidant expressed the opinion that new theories would take at least a generation to have any real affect on the population at large and projected a view of unlikely success with my efforts. My mind reeled back and forth with hope and depression. I first shrugged aside his prognosis and then agreed with such a practical and empirical view. The mountain of disbelief, minds set in stone, minds fearing the new and untried that threatened their own fortunes and practises. Then in 1988, I finally managed to solve the conundrum, I had set out late in 1972, to save mind exploding experience disappearing forever.

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Impact: Cultureshock.

In order to even attempt to understand what is happening now nearly four decades later, and what I sincerely hope will burgeon into the sunny uplands, often read about in the more high flown rhetoric of the politician. Wishing to give the hapless voter the feeling there is still room left on the gravy train for their dreams, if only they will allow a little leeway to the ambitious programme set out by the party.

Unfortunately to enable even a sketchy understanding of events we are contending with now does require at least a skate over what had led to the breakthrough in the early seventies. Naturally I use the word breakthrough really as a convenience as the ideas set out in the thesis article I wrote at the time: Going Through the Time Barrier, was really a representation of many previously presented ideas over the passage of centuries. They had been given added urgency and a little more sophistication by the addition of the wonder child of the mathematician, technologist and designer: the electronic computer.It began to seem to some the armoury of the philosopher, scientist, and engineer, was complete.

To put together a seemingly naive tract such as that projected by the presentation of the article needed a mentor to add more weight to my unqualified ravings. Who better than the next door neighbour, well qualified in the areas designated to support my case. Many times since the crucial events took place I have considered the apparent coincidence of excellent good fortune which placed him where he lived. Perhaps all endeavour to an extent is a miss mash, of intent, dreams, coincidence, good fortune, luck and fluke. Laced of course with application, the whole has to be married to positive striving for a wholly sustainable successful outcome. The historians among us will possibly be at issue with that premise but I believe it is so. If not it becomes a blind alley. The famous red herring of the who-dun-it, those who ache to turn every breakthrough of knowledge and invention into a double-edged sword of controversy and turn the event into the tragedy of a still birth.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

With the best of Intentions.

With the best of Intentions.

With the next blogg of  Cultureshock I feel I now have the confidence to put forward what from my extremely limited viewpoint maybe a possible scenario triggered by the writings referred to in 1972. The impact. The analysis and the plan to test, then exploit their potential.

This re-write and general expansion of what is in fact, the fourth entry in my blog is, to show that my confidence and resolution on matters I feel are to some large extent down to my own  is an efforts and therefore my responsibility. Whether subsequent historical records and assessment will in fact allow a little more latitude as to the degree of that responsibility, will be in other hands. Time and the unravelling of events is very rarely an exact science as there are often too many threads to be plotted and plated and thereby unravelled before any semblance of sequence or chronology can be accurately arrived at with analysis. In my unique position, in the eye of the storm, as it might be said, I feel a certain duty to put forward my personal perspective and hope it will help matters.

Review of Cultureshock Blogg.

Review of Cultureshock Blogg.

Hard to believe it is now over two months since I last considered adding to this blogg which is not totally true as I had considered doing so many times but could not settle on a theme or approach. In fact it remains the case that a theme of intensity to explore still eludes me. I do remain convinced that my original thesis concerning 'Going through the Time Barrier,' remains valid and with the existence and exploitation of so many varieties and types of devices and gadgets assisting the dissemination of information and knowledge on a vast and ever expanding scale.

When the idea first hit me and I felt within certain parameters this could possibly be the answer to so many questions that had eluded the best brains for centuries. Initially the impact was such that feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility I felt had been thrust upon me I walked everywhere with an exaggerated care for myself. This was justified by the essential need to carry through the idea. Naturally this almost robotic extreme of existence was totally impossible to retain over anything but the shortest period and within a short few days, a week or so such stilted habits of self preservation where gradually rejected for a normal life style and habits.

As the initial phase of intense elation gave way to deep depression and the days gave way to weeks and soon the months registered the passage of a full year and nothing appeared to have changed I came to accept if anything was to change it would be in the long term and the long view was an essential aspect to be cultivated. As my psyche became more stable from the volcanic eruption of late 1972, then 1973 and 74 passed away with the necessity of maintaining a measured family man's life style and responsibilities, I merely felt others had to be working on the effort made to project my 'breakthrough,' as I felt it was and had to be.

The alternatives were; an aberration, temporary insanity, or with serious analysis a viable and serious solution to many of the world's difficulties. As time and events moved away from the creative and crucial point of upheaval and slowly I came to feel I would achieve nothing by attempting to gain any credit, advancement or status from what was given away freely from the initial culture shock. This had shattered my total mental fabric and structure back in December 1972. Despite many attempts to do so I could not fault the premise that had been put forward. Slowly as the years began to pass many other possibilities appeared to present themselves. It also became evident that there were many supporters attempting, in many discreet and subtle ways to indicate their support. I came to think of these as my straws in the wind.