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Abstraction and the Divine?

Abstraction and the Divine?

In a rather revealing clash with my elder son some many years ago. I replied to one of his rather excellent, though to me, obscure comments : sounds good, but what does it mean? he was completely unhorsed. We both had a good laugh and I like to think we both learnt a lesson from attempting to be a little too clever with words. In the past few days I was reminded of this incident while reading an old revised standard version of The Bible, this second edition of the New Testament A.D.1971. The layout of Matthew Chapter7, v.7 being considerably different. This copy was left at home by my younger son and the essence of the message of the Sermon on the Mount is the same but rather muddies the point I am trying to make regarding the Abstract, and the Divine.

Nevertheless however kack-handed I present my case it has to be laboured; to press the point home, if you will? I have heard it said: that the ability for abstract thought is the one major ability only granted to the human race? If this is the case then it seems to me confining The Divine to the human form as, religious teachers and seers would present the case, is doing a gross injustice and limiting The Divine to a vastly smaller orbit of existence, than that to which it may be considered such all embracing power and existence should be entitled?

Any deity endowered to any extent with the powers credited to The Divine, especially in the light of many creation, breakthroughs in knowledge and understanding of nature in the past several hundred years. Surely it must be so that as The Divine now shows his mortal creations how to extend and glorify the power  which has been planted so assiduously by centuries of works of wonder and the whole evolution of knowledge at the wonder each step carries forward the steps of others. Why then is it so difficult for acceptance of  men to take the small step forward to the understanding a simple equation?

Even though, an abstraction in itself that: with the melding of dynamic and static energy coupled with the constant of change. Results in the total and indisputable Divine power source of the Universe. For those impressed by such, this might be expressed as the mathematical expression:

                                  D = DyE  + StE + C   : where D represents: the Divine: God, Allah, Wisdom, Logic: the essence of ambition, to provide a better life and existence for self, family, neighbours and the whole panoply of life, wherever and however it is seen, heard or discovered. Then it follows:

                                  DyE = dynamic energy         StE= static energy.

                                  C = represents the only constant factor in the universe: Change.

It should not be beyond even limited minds to grasp: the whole essence and conflict in the system is the efforts of the system to link-up again. This then, in my consideration is what the whole business of life and the struggle to better ourselves is about: discipline, and self discipline, without these two major factors, as has been seen over and over again in the past two centuries, with greater and greater ferocity and of late in our own country, with greater and greater obscene, absurdity under the health and safety edicts. These, naturally, are only the latest and pathetic manifestations in our society of the clefts and fissures, which, in the various social systems around the whole globe, are thrown up and out by the class dividers, and the status and eternal life seekers, often using siren songs to lure the ill informed and immature onto the rocks of self destructive disaster.

Recently, only a few days ago another interesting small booklet came into my hands. In time this will be read and the wisdom digested and allowed to filter through into my own efforts, revising any conclusions if necessary in an attempt to hone the whole to a stronger, yet more resilient entry into the psyche of human's efforts to pull back from the brink of extinction, to which it seems so irrevocably set.

The leaders and individuals casting about for easy solutions. Unfortunately those using the New Knowledge have not been able to see they have only one half of the solution. Therefore they are selling themselves, the Divine, and the whole panoply of the life force short, in their attempts to short circuit the designs of the Divine. There are no easy solutions, there never have been and never will be. Life is the defeat of problems, therein lies our fulfilment and salvation. And it must be said : the all important next step, which will take us closer to the divine. From this must surely follow: the closer each of us approaches to pure energy, then the closer we shall be to the Divine. To my mind the ultimate abstraction. The truth is perhaps humanity has become soft and lazy looking to easy solutions and easy victories to its problems and ills.

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