Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Diamond Geezer ?

A Diamond Geezer ?

If you are a Londoner, especially a cockney. Which many would say that hardly applies to me despite all of my background, nevertheless that is beside the point. To the cockney Londoner the best compliment you might feel you could pay someone is to call or refer to them as : a diamond geezer. The ultimate compliment indeed some might say. In fact some days ago, while turning over in my mind just where I can go next with this saga was hitting on the fact, by intuition quite possibly, that diamonds have played a considerable part of my life. Right down to the fact that my favourite James Bond song is listening to Shirley Bassey belting out; Diamonds are forever, from the film.

A key point or two on these moments of intuition, which I feel maybe having a bearing on the progress or lack of it on this saga start with service in the Royal Navy on HMS Diamond, a Daring class destroyer built I believe in 1982, and had a ghastly crab like movement through heavy seas, as I and many far more experienced seaman than myself found rather difficult to stomach. Well it may have been 1953, and being one of the ships detailed to do street lining party duties, when we we not painting the ship up for visitors benefit, during the Queen's coronation tour to: Wales, Belfast, Glasgow, then back to Chatham, and tidy up for a NATO exercise. Nevertheless this trip was to produce a strong thought provoking moment for me personally.

In fact it led to a promise I made myself much later, that the short story I wrote about the incident that happened during the exercise, entitled: Orders or Orders. Which had been heavily scoffed at by my tutor as; totally unbelievable! became my yard stick of standard. The realisation to me was, the incident was true, based on my experience, if it was as the tutor described? then I had a very long way to go, before I could offer anything else for publication. Which was to prove the case. My second crack at publication and my first success was in submitting a piece to the trade union magazine during the brief time I was a member. The success of this exercise illustrated to me the advantages on occasions of using others as sounding boards.

There is a small deviation from the main theme, of the influence of diamonds and other precious stones, along the way. This was in 1960, when my wife and I after several years going together finally got engaged, and the local rugby club's football sweep came up to augment my meagre savings, so an emerald and diamond  ring sealed the bargain much to my relief. Highly unusual as my wife is very lucky in such things while I am usually outside the circle of good fortune? So once again after years of trying to weigh up the validity of my ideas and what if any impression they were having on the status quo, it gradually began to dawn on me just what a mammoth task this was to me and the authorities.

In the seventies and even the eighties it must have been incredibly difficult for the ruling elite to come to terms with the possibility that a relatively untried ordinary man had made a substantial breakthrough in the use and meaning of love, knowledge and use of the laws of logic, to turn the whole system upside down and inside out? No empirical data could support such theories at this stage. No experience beyond that of intuition and an almost telepathic certainty that this is what the: powers that be wanted. The strange sense of conviction that he had accepted right at the beginning of the revelation, was that this was the real Macoy. The one major problem that remained was to convince himself and work through the explanation.

Even now it maybe felt that if others think this is the route to a trouble free indefinite life-span? they and anyone else will need to revise their expectations. What has been presented here is an explanation as to where homo-sapiens are going wrong in their warring factions, how this can be gradually damped down and eventually eliminated. Obviously such an undertaking will take some considerable time. Having been extremely startled, as have many of my generation, as to how fast things can evolve these days it perhaps will not take that long after all. However there are always the odd ones out who cannot or will not change their view or emphasis on life, and death for that matter?

Naturally enough, to those who feel I have left out the ultimate Diamond Geezer, in this blog entry? perhaps I need to correct that piece of bad form before it gets about that proles do not know their manners. So here is to the next part of your life-span, your majesty. Thank you ma'am, for allowing this liberty on the occasion of your Diamond Jubilee,I trust it is a long and happy one.


  1. You had me worried there for a moment, Google. silly of me thought I'd been censored. Ridiculous of course. I was trained in the best training place in the world: HMS Ganges, and I know what's what and what's not.

  2. I don't know why I didn't add the post scipt to the Queen before. I had given it some thought. Perhaps now it is a sign of my growing confidence, though I just hope it doesn't convey the wrong impression these things do seem to matter with some folks.