Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Over Your Head? Or too Deep for Some?

Over Your Head ? Or too Deep for Some?

From what I have been gathering from my research and reading of recent days, supported by that hoary old beast experience, is that whatever comes to light just maybe like a flash of lightening out of the blue but it is more likely to be a sudden mental click when several, or many, threads congeal into an amorphous whole, despite this there is the instinctive understanding that within lies the essence of what you have been seeking. With a little more thought, a little tweaking about the edges a new pattern of understanding is revealed.

Do the headings of this blog entry challenge your veracity for creative thought, I try to challenge myself as well as any reader who has the goodness to read my entries. Many times I have felt one or other applies to my thinking or certainly to my explanations. There have also been many times when others have visited the compliment upon me to get on with it. To stop wasting their time. I can well understand their frustration, especially as it became more and more evident to me that my ideas had a validity that could be the essential missing link to take the human race through its mind block and evolve it into a startlingly new dimension.

It was already possible, and I had written as such in the past, that the twentieth century might well become to be seen as the century when humanity shed a great deal of the poisonous thought and actions in its collective system. The wars, the corruption, the drugs, the obsession with hedonistic pursuits and goals, all driven by the truncated life span of three score and ten. Then slowly as the new millennium and century began to unfold so many of the new avenues of progress sown in the last days and years of the previous century began to show they had taken root. Initially the change was slow and painful as a world; almost bankrupt, financially, morally and ethically had a supremely hard task to adjust to the radically changing aspirations of the fertile new world of communications and its wonder children: the Internet and the electronic computer. Underscored by the cross-fertilisation with the arts, for the first time since the great polymaths of earlier centuries, the beauty of a marriage between the arts, science and technology impressed itself on the younger minds unencumbered, as their fathers, by lost opportunities.

At long long last, the World that George Orwell had described as the Proles, the dispossessed, the majority with little they made or kept for long. As it soon stood to be removed by the smart, driven, ambitious, devious or criminal, what was left being removed my taxation. The two faced political elite who even when shown to be corrupt were so indifferent to their lesser brethren in the lower strata that their polished arrogance usually carried the day, as it had for centuries. The new world opening up with its new opportunities and rules was soon to change this mind set. The early years of the  twenty-first century were merely the last stages of a new type of Armageddon.

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