Monday, 16 April 2012

Pandora's Last Gift?

Pandora's last Gift?

Well this must be where I take the whole bit in both hands and pray I have read the runes correctly. Of course I have, otherwise I would never have managed it this far? Let me sketch out the situation as I see it today. In the early seventies by a stroke of  an odd circumstantial vision a dilettante of no great account happened to achieve a monumental breakthrough in logical thought and humanity's aspiration. The literary distillation of his vision was, after several years, hailed as the work of total genius, and when this was further refined in 1988, after his recovery, some fifteen years had passed. It was seen as the long awaited answer to the puzzle that had defeated the best and most highly trained brains over millennia.

Nothing less than the abstraction of the Divine. An equation that set out, not to belittle, but to set the record into its correct setting and context that would satisfy each and every part of the complex equation: physical, mental, religious, and emotional. From this point each and everyone could and would be required to adjust their own concept of the Divine and work to satisfy their own imperfections and flawed thinking in relation to this New Knowledge. It was seen, not without a good deal of initial trepidation that many, many problems and upheavals would be generated from this new understanding of the Divine. Not least the acceptance that such could in fact lead to rift in the understanding of longevity with his article: Going Through the Time Barrier.

During the first months and years of the New Knowledge, with the author recovering from nervous exhaustion his input was necessarily nothing of note , in fact in the early period of the breakthrough  it was generally agreed the best plan was to leave it to the special academic and theological teams who had been tasked with the problem of gleaning what useful information could be gathered from his articles and notes, published or not. The death of his father in the latter months of 1985, did bring up a wealth of new material to study and assess his first attempt at a novel. This material gave a better background. It helped to produce a more rounded and substantial characterisation than had been possible from earlier history.

Gradually the teams were producing a profile of an individual, who conformed with reluctance, but was intelligent though bull headed at times. Four years in the Royal Navy from the young age of just sixteen had toned down his maverick streak, but even this was not entirely suppressed. His choice to reject continuing submarine training after a discipline clash with an instructor being evidence of a mind not entirely convinced of the military way.

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  1. V. pleased to get this one off my chest as it represents the most controversial stumbling block to the linking of our species and our understanding of so many things that will need to be sorted between individuals, groups,nations and races before ultimate progress will, or even can, be made. That is in any realistic manner. It remains a conundrum how far the various factions of the world will be able to meld together to see a fresh horizon for their; problems, challenges and ambitions.