Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Seek and Ye Shall Find.

Seek and Ye Shall Find.

The Bible scholars among us will instantly seize this quote as from the New Testament: St. Matthew ch.7 v.7. And they will know the full entry runs: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened up to you.

Why should I or anyone else for that matter? writing an endorsement/testimonial for the SilvaLifeSystem chose to head their Blog entry with such a title? At this point it is opportune to admit I came to the decision in that moment you often you do when the clock has caught up on your efforts of the day and out it pops, well it certainly seemed that way. Sometimes the result ruins all your efforts of the day, or for several days or weeks past.  Later I remembered the first line, later still the final line gave such a feast of thought remembering.

This remembering and with it so many answers the seekers must have been looking for over many centuries? Surely a Divine guidance if ever there was one? Yes I can see and register with you all of your doubts. What places my insight among other gifts from heaven?  What indeed ? So it is necessary to break away from the clouds that can colour our judgement and can warp our perspective with emotional images, and get firmly back down to terra firma. Looking at the firm ground beneath the feet soon steadies the tendency to romance and fickle dreams of revelation or conquest.

Certainly such images struck me four decades ago yet my world disintegrated and required a total reassessment. But after all the thought and logic I employed, with the thousands of people in support, that I surmised must be supporting my efforts, I could not push my mindset back to the rocks of faith that had underpinned my sanity prior to December 1972. The die had been re-cast. Now I have the proof my sanity lacked all those years ago and it all comes down SPEED, speed of thought, speed of execution, speed of understanding, speed of acceptance. Virtual Speed versus the Speed of Reality.

In our present understanding of the World we live in: where does reality finish and virtual reality start? What governs what and who governs the distinction between the two? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Under our present misguided mismashed reality I tremble to believe that anyone gives the matter a thought.
Over the past few weeks I have given both my wife and myself a great deal of hard tack to stomach but today much of the value has finally burst upon me. At the moment, as it always seems to do, time is pushing at my fingers.  I hope to add to this entry again in the near future.

To continue with the thoughts of yesterday. Agreed impossible. We have all moved on to the next stage. Overnight I reflected on the opening passage of this Blog entry. I wanted to refresh my memory on where these quotations came from; of course: The sermon on the mount. What concentrated wisdom lies in the chapter. Then again how do I deal with such advice as : beware of false prophets? Shall I do nothing due to fear of being cut down and cast into the fire because many, including myself do not fully understand my own words? But can I take full responsibility of the words?

Certainly in our secular world it is the obligation in law, of the author to accept the responsibility of their words and place the resulting turmoil, inference and understanding well within their court. So it is with this understanding and nevertheless a clear degree of humility that I offer the an alternative but essentially a melding of the words of Christ to those of science and technology that may help those who have difficulty in matching what they may consider to be incompatible.

My gambit with the release of my significant writings forty years ago this year to the world at large, and placed within the responsibility of the fourth estate, has caused me many problems and taken me through a whole gamut of emotions. Naturally unless a third party chooses at some future point to collect and release these articles and other items, they will continue to gather dust in some university archive. What follows is of necessity what has been reasoned out since that point in time.

Whether others have used my earlier work to advantage or not? it is to be hoped the answer is yes. I would certainly be disappointed if it had all been confined to a dustbin of history as the ravings or a loony. A good deal of what has happened since then gives me cause to feel hopeful, though there is much as well to consider it is past time I took my courage in both hands and published what I consider to be a viable alternative to; ' life as we know it Jim.'

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