Sunday, 15 April 2012

Snakes Alive.

Snakes Alive.

What do we do now? Here we are all round the Cabinet Table, Sunday mid-afternoon and this pain in the backside is obviously getting a little miffed that all the action is by-passing him?

Well so would you be, you're in the driving set but just where are you driving us to now?

Come on Clogg, be fair you're getting a good bite of the cherry out of his smart arsed ideas. How about some constructive criticism for a change. I've already have the party mortgaged up to the eye balls to get you some quality time on the wires.

Call me dad. Let's keep it above board. You know we got the short end of the stick with B. and B. when they did a runner after doing their best to muck up the country. While they had the chance.

Their best was pretty good from where I'm sitting. What do you think he'll spring on us next?

Well I have been handed a copy of that email he sent to his sons and daughter-in-law this morning. Looks as though that Times magazine article; Rethinking Heaven , by Jon Meacham, has struck a cord as you felt it might.

Let's face it if he can keep us all waiting for nearly forty years for his next move he must be a damn good chess player?

No question dad.

Right well we will draw this meeting of Snakes Alive, to a close. We can only wait to see just what his answer will be to the mess we're all in thanks to him and his modesty. Then we'll circulate you all and it is imperative you all make a detailed study of his comments, before we reconvene. I think we are about to see some heavy weather generated in the next few hours. Good afternoon gentlemen.

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