Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ali Baba & Forty Years.

Ali Baba & Forty Years.

So far it must be considered we agree that rule One is: The survival instinct. Everything initially is subordinated to the survival of life, whatever its form by use of the will. Possible in lower life forms by automatic mechanisms that do not require conscious independent actions. Survival, must be quickly followed by sustenance, shelter, protection and nurture. After various spans of time, varying according to the life form, the driving force gradually loses its energy to replace its ability to recharge the life giving energy and slowly begins to die.

For many years the life span of homo sapiens was taken as three score years and ten [70 years], in the past decade or two it has been noticeable that this span has begun to increase. Many authorities put this down to better health and medical facilities, lower deaths in childbirth and safer school and working conditions, especially in the more advanced countries. There has been one prime complicating factor over the past several decades. This was known as the 'New Knowledge,' not widely understood or known about to the general population. Initially thought of as a joke, later appeared to have some validity.

With each year I live I feel this validity is proven more and more. Naturally there will be many years for the advantage takers and those who think the 'proles' are unable to think further than their navels. Over the past years I have seen and continue to see many examples of this type of warped thinking. Before I get too far away from being ungrateful for my good fortune, on December 16 1972. The title of this entry comes from one of my two huge childish heroes: Ali Baba and Aladdin. When I hit the 'Jackpot,' of riches on that memorable day, I tried to express the 'spiritual riches,' I felt my visions had allowed me to appreciate to others my good fortune.

How accurate this has proved to be? Over the decades of wandering in the wilderness like some latter day old testament hero of mine, while awaiting the guidance to proceed, which I have always felt would come. Now I feel confident such has happened and I can press forward to the next stage, with the perfect shield against any slings or arrows that may come my way. Mixing metaphors, or turning ideas on their head, appears to be a way I express myself so it appears from this dubious talent, I have managed to open Pandora's box from which we will have to extract together whatever we have the courage to contemplate, for our future survival.

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  1. I shall be returning to this one when my head clears. I have managed to dream up a highly symbolic title, heavy with innuendo. I just hope some of our dear old back woods men get the message. Bit of a carve up that they leave all their mess for me to sort out. But all part of life's rich pattern no doubt. Mustn't grumble.