Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Diamond Geezer ?

A Diamond Geezer ?

If you are a Londoner, especially a cockney. Which many would say that hardly applies to me despite all of my background, nevertheless that is beside the point. To the cockney Londoner the best compliment you might feel you could pay someone is to call or refer to them as : a diamond geezer. The ultimate compliment indeed some might say. In fact some days ago, while turning over in my mind just where I can go next with this saga was hitting on the fact, by intuition quite possibly, that diamonds have played a considerable part of my life. Right down to the fact that my favourite James Bond song is listening to Shirley Bassey belting out; Diamonds are forever, from the film.

A key point or two on these moments of intuition, which I feel maybe having a bearing on the progress or lack of it on this saga start with service in the Royal Navy on HMS Diamond, a Daring class destroyer built I believe in 1982, and had a ghastly crab like movement through heavy seas, as I and many far more experienced seaman than myself found rather difficult to stomach. Well it may have been 1953, and being one of the ships detailed to do street lining party duties, when we we not painting the ship up for visitors benefit, during the Queen's coronation tour to: Wales, Belfast, Glasgow, then back to Chatham, and tidy up for a NATO exercise. Nevertheless this trip was to produce a strong thought provoking moment for me personally.

In fact it led to a promise I made myself much later, that the short story I wrote about the incident that happened during the exercise, entitled: Orders or Orders. Which had been heavily scoffed at by my tutor as; totally unbelievable! became my yard stick of standard. The realisation to me was, the incident was true, based on my experience, if it was as the tutor described? then I had a very long way to go, before I could offer anything else for publication. Which was to prove the case. My second crack at publication and my first success was in submitting a piece to the trade union magazine during the brief time I was a member. The success of this exercise illustrated to me the advantages on occasions of using others as sounding boards.

There is a small deviation from the main theme, of the influence of diamonds and other precious stones, along the way. This was in 1960, when my wife and I after several years going together finally got engaged, and the local rugby club's football sweep came up to augment my meagre savings, so an emerald and diamond  ring sealed the bargain much to my relief. Highly unusual as my wife is very lucky in such things while I am usually outside the circle of good fortune? So once again after years of trying to weigh up the validity of my ideas and what if any impression they were having on the status quo, it gradually began to dawn on me just what a mammoth task this was to me and the authorities.

In the seventies and even the eighties it must have been incredibly difficult for the ruling elite to come to terms with the possibility that a relatively untried ordinary man had made a substantial breakthrough in the use and meaning of love, knowledge and use of the laws of logic, to turn the whole system upside down and inside out? No empirical data could support such theories at this stage. No experience beyond that of intuition and an almost telepathic certainty that this is what the: powers that be wanted. The strange sense of conviction that he had accepted right at the beginning of the revelation, was that this was the real Macoy. The one major problem that remained was to convince himself and work through the explanation.

Even now it maybe felt that if others think this is the route to a trouble free indefinite life-span? they and anyone else will need to revise their expectations. What has been presented here is an explanation as to where homo-sapiens are going wrong in their warring factions, how this can be gradually damped down and eventually eliminated. Obviously such an undertaking will take some considerable time. Having been extremely startled, as have many of my generation, as to how fast things can evolve these days it perhaps will not take that long after all. However there are always the odd ones out who cannot or will not change their view or emphasis on life, and death for that matter?

Naturally enough, to those who feel I have left out the ultimate Diamond Geezer, in this blog entry? perhaps I need to correct that piece of bad form before it gets about that proles do not know their manners. So here is to the next part of your life-span, your majesty. Thank you ma'am, for allowing this liberty on the occasion of your Diamond Jubilee,I trust it is a long and happy one.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Reasons to Drop-Off. [ The Plank ].

Reasons to Drop-Off. [ The Plank ].

Some years ago I saw a film entitled: The Man in the White Suit. It starred Alec Guinness, Joan Greenwood, and a host of British actors. It was billed as a comedy, to some probably a black comedy. In a nutshell it was about an odd ball industrial chemist, who invents a material that will last forever. Initially the material seen to be non-destructive, and so induces a complete panic, as the impact as this gradually seeps into the consciousness of the factory and then the local community. Fortunately after the panic has built to a reasonable high point the wonder material begins to disintegrate and turn to cotton wool as the structure became unstable. Everyone calmed down and the closing scene had the odd ball [Alec Guinness ], disappearing from the scene with a fanatical gleam in his eye.

When I was growing up the idea of the razor that did not wear out, or the light bulb that burnt forever was the constant source of stories, if not in the press, then I could always rely on my father mentioning one from time to time. These were usually on the lines of the inventions that were bought up by the powers that be to stop them upsetting the balance of the market. It was to be many years before my own experience brought me into first hand knowledge of the patent and trademark industry which existed under the grandiose title of Intellectual Property Industry. It became an interesting footnote and in some ways an ironic finish to my career as a designer, to end my working life in the administration of a company employed in the service of Patent and Trademark agents.

In the period I hawked my meagre services around London in 1986, the year after completion of my second novel: Change of Emphasis, without any takers for the manuscript, and I eventually claimed a berth in the firm, where I was to spent the next fourteen years. So many odd things happened in those months that I came to believe that I really had hit the jackpot with my shattering experience in the early seventies. Despite my failure to turn the experience into a marketable novel, the acceptance of the fact was to be a frustrating detail of my life for the next twenty years. It was in essence that I was like a genie that had a vision of what life could be like but what little had been revealed of the vision in the shape of my literary efforts in the early days of 1973, had been successfully stoppered.

For my own part the frustration was far less than total. I had the good sense to realise that even now after so much potential, had been unlocked by my vision and efforts to transmit it to other minds, I knew instinctively the time had not yet come to exploit it on the world stage. Such a revolutionary change and concept was mind bending, yet so startlingly obvious, once it had been examined from every angle, it became  an absolute fact to me that it should never be prematurely revealed and the time would reveal itself. In some ways my childish and somewhat naive view on the timing was linked to odd incidents that swirled about us. These incidents which I came to regard as straws of confirmation in the wind, that sooner or later success what be confirmed.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Thinking Things Through.

Thinking Things Through.

Well now I have set out my stall so to speak. I have not spotted a vast rush of bods pushing and shoving to take me or my ideas apart, for which I am grateful. No, I know from the statistics print out that there are a few folk interested in my ramblings for which I'm pleased but until I get a dialogue going that much will remain very much a secret between them and their own confidants. This means naturally enough if I am going to start to examine the premise I have presented I shall have to; think things through, on my own, a very poor alternative to a real examination?

What sort of approach should be the best. Stating and examining the facts, the myths, and the hoary old 'wives tales,'? No doubt this would get some or most of the deadwood out of the system and help to get straight to the nitty-gritty and perhaps that would be the best plan? It would enable both of us to get our arguments and road blocks out into the open? Over the years I have heard many arguments and statements of fact, on the inevitability of death, eventually. This period should you survive all the obstacles that have been placed one way or another in the path of homo-sapiens right up until our present, still remains around the seventy years mark or a little more, with a good following wind.

My own thoughts on the matter of a longer life-span or the whole longevity bit, up until a decade or two back, with three exceptions, which I shall show have strongly affected my thinking in the past year or so, must have followed much the same pattern as most others. Part of growing to a responsible adult with a mature attitude to life and ability to evaluate its meaning. Circumstance that the cycle of life throws up, means probably from early to mid twenties onward depending on experience, intelligence and life chances we all follow a general pattern of expectancy, anticipation, fulfillment and for the fortunate, tolerable happiness. The rhythm and flow of these events punctuated at intervals with varying degrees of hope.

Hope can be the most wicked and deceiving of all the evils and desires that entered the world when Pandora's jar or box was opened. The story goes that 'hope,' was the only gift, of human ills and blessings  from the gods that was left behind, when her husband Epimethius opened the box that she had brought from heaven. An interesting tale and one that can and has been embroidered many thousands of times over the centuries since the Greeks first placed it within their mythology. Should we then give up at the first hurdle on the point of the mischievous little word: hope? Surely we would be poor clay indeed?

The tale of  Pandora as the world's first woman pre-dates the old testament story of Eve as the world's first woman, and both stories appear to absolve the males in their respective guilt regarding their disobedience and therefore breaking the thread of eternal life. Could it be that the ingenuity and the vivid combinations of imagination, adaptation, exploitation and intelligent application of abstract concepts are giving the Divine cause to think? Perhaps humanity is at last showing signs of reaching a point of maturity commiserate with that of an indefinite life-span? Where it may be asked do these questions have any validity?

In keeping with the history of the species and its violent selfish, and destructive past continuing to plunge into the future, parading, almost with a vainglorious and macho arrogance its internecine activities. Just where is the balance? the maturity? the responsibility? this beautiful planet deserves as stewards to save its future and to turn it back to its almost forgotten Eden? The pollution, greed, corruption, selfish individuality, so rife today. Hardly appear to be the best qualifications for the job? It could be these very ingrained bad habits, indelibly imprinted into our psychic over many centuries are the best, even though the most unlikely qualifications for extending the life span.

It has to be underlined that these arguments apply in the main at the present to the more advanced nations of the world in their development. Many of these issues will certainly not apply to many areas of Africa, Asia and other remote areas of the world. Though they will as these nations get more help and consideration as the network of help and development continues to improve. However the continued emphasis on the negative in humanity and its supposedly totally abhorrent and destructive behaviour is a poor recompense for all the superb charity work, efforts and vital funds being raised on all fronts.

This area of giving has mushroomed since the late 1960's /70's decade and continues so to do. It is not too well publicized but the reason probably lies with the development of the electronic computer. Especially as many of these charity efforts actually stem from the early 1990's which were then given greater impetus by the government charity concessions on gift aid and others means. The refinement of gift aid down to very small donations via direct debit also fueled the pressure on even the hardest heart or the deepest pockets.

Naturally it is too early to say whether such largesse on the part of the general population will affect longevity but the possibility remains. As good works often fuel the general well being of the total persona. This entry of 'Thinking Things Through,' it has struck me of recent days with some of the completely obvious observations made over the screamingly obvious on the subject of an extended life-span. Having acknowledged that in this overcrowded world of ours any extension to life-span could spell disaster?

Well surely this view falls into the category of why spend more time, and intellectual effort, by insisting that human nature, with all its foibles and excuses is set in stone? on the discussion or even thought that, any ideas that might pull the human race out of its present self destruct obsession with selfish pursuit of individual glorification?

The vision granted me nearly forty years ago illustrated to me this race is a fool's errant in the biggest and most dynamic way imaginable. It remains a distinct possibility, especially when hearing the paucity nature of some of the attempts at putting down the solutions I have presented to solve the problem of too much self indulgence in the area of proliferation of humanity.

For many years the nature of man and woman to insist that their greatest function is to procreate and pass their genes on will have no meaning or value if the expansion of the species continues at the present rate. This is of course a provable statistic. Unless we as a species learn to keep our brain and genitals at opposite ends of their bodies, as the creator intended, very, very, soon I for one will have to be content with the same fate as my one true hero and mentor, Moses.

Forty years in the wilderness. His punishment for allowing the people of Israel to become impatient and making their own judgement on the creator's wishes. Today's situation in the world can be seen by some as analogous to that of Moses awaiting God's efforts to carve the tablets with the ten commandments from which any sane adult would wish to govern their life.  

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Abstraction and the Divine?

Abstraction and the Divine?

In a rather revealing clash with my elder son some many years ago. I replied to one of his rather excellent, though to me, obscure comments : sounds good, but what does it mean? he was completely unhorsed. We both had a good laugh and I like to think we both learnt a lesson from attempting to be a little too clever with words. In the past few days I was reminded of this incident while reading an old revised standard version of The Bible, this second edition of the New Testament A.D.1971. The layout of Matthew Chapter7, v.7 being considerably different. This copy was left at home by my younger son and the essence of the message of the Sermon on the Mount is the same but rather muddies the point I am trying to make regarding the Abstract, and the Divine.

Nevertheless however kack-handed I present my case it has to be laboured; to press the point home, if you will? I have heard it said: that the ability for abstract thought is the one major ability only granted to the human race? If this is the case then it seems to me confining The Divine to the human form as, religious teachers and seers would present the case, is doing a gross injustice and limiting The Divine to a vastly smaller orbit of existence, than that to which it may be considered such all embracing power and existence should be entitled?

Any deity endowered to any extent with the powers credited to The Divine, especially in the light of many creation, breakthroughs in knowledge and understanding of nature in the past several hundred years. Surely it must be so that as The Divine now shows his mortal creations how to extend and glorify the power  which has been planted so assiduously by centuries of works of wonder and the whole evolution of knowledge at the wonder each step carries forward the steps of others. Why then is it so difficult for acceptance of  men to take the small step forward to the understanding a simple equation?

Even though, an abstraction in itself that: with the melding of dynamic and static energy coupled with the constant of change. Results in the total and indisputable Divine power source of the Universe. For those impressed by such, this might be expressed as the mathematical expression:

                                  D = DyE  + StE + C   : where D represents: the Divine: God, Allah, Wisdom, Logic: the essence of ambition, to provide a better life and existence for self, family, neighbours and the whole panoply of life, wherever and however it is seen, heard or discovered. Then it follows:

                                  DyE = dynamic energy         StE= static energy.

                                  C = represents the only constant factor in the universe: Change.

It should not be beyond even limited minds to grasp: the whole essence and conflict in the system is the efforts of the system to link-up again. This then, in my consideration is what the whole business of life and the struggle to better ourselves is about: discipline, and self discipline, without these two major factors, as has been seen over and over again in the past two centuries, with greater and greater ferocity and of late in our own country, with greater and greater obscene, absurdity under the health and safety edicts. These, naturally, are only the latest and pathetic manifestations in our society of the clefts and fissures, which, in the various social systems around the whole globe, are thrown up and out by the class dividers, and the status and eternal life seekers, often using siren songs to lure the ill informed and immature onto the rocks of self destructive disaster.

Recently, only a few days ago another interesting small booklet came into my hands. In time this will be read and the wisdom digested and allowed to filter through into my own efforts, revising any conclusions if necessary in an attempt to hone the whole to a stronger, yet more resilient entry into the psyche of human's efforts to pull back from the brink of extinction, to which it seems so irrevocably set.

The leaders and individuals casting about for easy solutions. Unfortunately those using the New Knowledge have not been able to see they have only one half of the solution. Therefore they are selling themselves, the Divine, and the whole panoply of the life force short, in their attempts to short circuit the designs of the Divine. There are no easy solutions, there never have been and never will be. Life is the defeat of problems, therein lies our fulfilment and salvation. And it must be said : the all important next step, which will take us closer to the divine. From this must surely follow: the closer each of us approaches to pure energy, then the closer we shall be to the Divine. To my mind the ultimate abstraction. The truth is perhaps humanity has become soft and lazy looking to easy solutions and easy victories to its problems and ills.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Pandora's Last Gift?

Pandora's last Gift?

Well this must be where I take the whole bit in both hands and pray I have read the runes correctly. Of course I have, otherwise I would never have managed it this far? Let me sketch out the situation as I see it today. In the early seventies by a stroke of  an odd circumstantial vision a dilettante of no great account happened to achieve a monumental breakthrough in logical thought and humanity's aspiration. The literary distillation of his vision was, after several years, hailed as the work of total genius, and when this was further refined in 1988, after his recovery, some fifteen years had passed. It was seen as the long awaited answer to the puzzle that had defeated the best and most highly trained brains over millennia.

Nothing less than the abstraction of the Divine. An equation that set out, not to belittle, but to set the record into its correct setting and context that would satisfy each and every part of the complex equation: physical, mental, religious, and emotional. From this point each and everyone could and would be required to adjust their own concept of the Divine and work to satisfy their own imperfections and flawed thinking in relation to this New Knowledge. It was seen, not without a good deal of initial trepidation that many, many problems and upheavals would be generated from this new understanding of the Divine. Not least the acceptance that such could in fact lead to rift in the understanding of longevity with his article: Going Through the Time Barrier.

During the first months and years of the New Knowledge, with the author recovering from nervous exhaustion his input was necessarily nothing of note , in fact in the early period of the breakthrough  it was generally agreed the best plan was to leave it to the special academic and theological teams who had been tasked with the problem of gleaning what useful information could be gathered from his articles and notes, published or not. The death of his father in the latter months of 1985, did bring up a wealth of new material to study and assess his first attempt at a novel. This material gave a better background. It helped to produce a more rounded and substantial characterisation than had been possible from earlier history.

Gradually the teams were producing a profile of an individual, who conformed with reluctance, but was intelligent though bull headed at times. Four years in the Royal Navy from the young age of just sixteen had toned down his maverick streak, but even this was not entirely suppressed. His choice to reject continuing submarine training after a discipline clash with an instructor being evidence of a mind not entirely convinced of the military way.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ali Baba & Forty Years.

Ali Baba & Forty Years.

So far it must be considered we agree that rule One is: The survival instinct. Everything initially is subordinated to the survival of life, whatever its form by use of the will. Possible in lower life forms by automatic mechanisms that do not require conscious independent actions. Survival, must be quickly followed by sustenance, shelter, protection and nurture. After various spans of time, varying according to the life form, the driving force gradually loses its energy to replace its ability to recharge the life giving energy and slowly begins to die.

For many years the life span of homo sapiens was taken as three score years and ten [70 years], in the past decade or two it has been noticeable that this span has begun to increase. Many authorities put this down to better health and medical facilities, lower deaths in childbirth and safer school and working conditions, especially in the more advanced countries. There has been one prime complicating factor over the past several decades. This was known as the 'New Knowledge,' not widely understood or known about to the general population. Initially thought of as a joke, later appeared to have some validity.

With each year I live I feel this validity is proven more and more. Naturally there will be many years for the advantage takers and those who think the 'proles' are unable to think further than their navels. Over the past years I have seen and continue to see many examples of this type of warped thinking. Before I get too far away from being ungrateful for my good fortune, on December 16 1972. The title of this entry comes from one of my two huge childish heroes: Ali Baba and Aladdin. When I hit the 'Jackpot,' of riches on that memorable day, I tried to express the 'spiritual riches,' I felt my visions had allowed me to appreciate to others my good fortune.

How accurate this has proved to be? Over the decades of wandering in the wilderness like some latter day old testament hero of mine, while awaiting the guidance to proceed, which I have always felt would come. Now I feel confident such has happened and I can press forward to the next stage, with the perfect shield against any slings or arrows that may come my way. Mixing metaphors, or turning ideas on their head, appears to be a way I express myself so it appears from this dubious talent, I have managed to open Pandora's box from which we will have to extract together whatever we have the courage to contemplate, for our future survival.

Snakes Alive.

Snakes Alive.

What do we do now? Here we are all round the Cabinet Table, Sunday mid-afternoon and this pain in the backside is obviously getting a little miffed that all the action is by-passing him?

Well so would you be, you're in the driving set but just where are you driving us to now?

Come on Clogg, be fair you're getting a good bite of the cherry out of his smart arsed ideas. How about some constructive criticism for a change. I've already have the party mortgaged up to the eye balls to get you some quality time on the wires.

Call me dad. Let's keep it above board. You know we got the short end of the stick with B. and B. when they did a runner after doing their best to muck up the country. While they had the chance.

Their best was pretty good from where I'm sitting. What do you think he'll spring on us next?

Well I have been handed a copy of that email he sent to his sons and daughter-in-law this morning. Looks as though that Times magazine article; Rethinking Heaven , by Jon Meacham, has struck a cord as you felt it might.

Let's face it if he can keep us all waiting for nearly forty years for his next move he must be a damn good chess player?

No question dad.

Right well we will draw this meeting of Snakes Alive, to a close. We can only wait to see just what his answer will be to the mess we're all in thanks to him and his modesty. Then we'll circulate you all and it is imperative you all make a detailed study of his comments, before we reconvene. I think we are about to see some heavy weather generated in the next few hours. Good afternoon gentlemen.

The Ides of April.

The Ides Of April.

Dreaming up an appropriate title to each entry is becoming something of a challenge. I had thought of : To be or Not to be, or To shut up. But as I am not paranoid enough to align myself with Julius Caesar, or have any suicidal tendencies left. It is up to others if they can find a laugh or merely a smile in this entry. Almost four decades ago I entrusted others with what I thought was far too powerful to keep to myself and essential that within my limited powers I would place it with various others who might have the wit and ability to profit from the contents.

Whether or not this has been the case, or as some might observe, I have merely wasted my time in all those years? I might ask the question: is the jury still out? When I came up with my alternative scenario to the destructive, Lemming like, existence generated by a massive competitive urge to get what you could, when you could, while you could. This encompassed not merely the capitalist approach to society, but socialist, fascist, and communist organisations, and despite various excuses to the contrary, religious groups, and those who drive the mechanisms, while crying into their beer.

Baroness Thatcher, once pronounced that there was no such thing as society. I vaguely remember thinking how wrong she was, [ she once labelled me a lunatic, well everyone is entitled to their opinion. ] I also remember there was a good deal of debate at the time as to exactly what she meant by society in the sense she voiced the opinion. In one sense she was both right and wrong. In the sense that the whole of population; men,women and children of various ages, even down to youngest babies are driven by one and one main over riding motivation. To survive.

In fact everything in the world that has what we call life has as its prime motivation the urge to survive. This could be called Rule One. From that point onwards we have to build the structure of life. At what point does the rapidly growing complexity of life and the need to progress from naked, winner takes all barbarism, to a tolerable self discipline and then civilisation? It is quite evident to my eyes that the steady progress we had made up until the early seventies in this country, from the exhaustion of the second world war, toward a progressive and admired civilised country, with a society that could work as a cohesive unit was well on its way to being established.

Now slowly folks are beginning to wonder just where all this rapid change is going and how, if possible a brake or two can be applied?

It is beginning to appear to me, very much, as though I have dug myself into a pit of unfettered responsibility about what happened next? Or have I a Get Out? Everyone else is blaming everyone but me; the medics, the politicians, the city whiz kids, the bankers, planners, advertisers, marketeers, scientists, technologists and engineers. Naturally they all played a part, without their efforts would we have got into anywhere near the mess we are in today? Of course not but the real point is : would we have got into the mess we are in today without my help? Whether you think the answer is yes or no, it allows me to take a breather to consider my next step in suggesting an answer to this conundrum of life as we know it Jim.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Seek and Ye Shall Find.

Seek and Ye Shall Find.

The Bible scholars among us will instantly seize this quote as from the New Testament: St. Matthew ch.7 v.7. And they will know the full entry runs: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened up to you.

Why should I or anyone else for that matter? writing an endorsement/testimonial for the SilvaLifeSystem chose to head their Blog entry with such a title? At this point it is opportune to admit I came to the decision in that moment you often you do when the clock has caught up on your efforts of the day and out it pops, well it certainly seemed that way. Sometimes the result ruins all your efforts of the day, or for several days or weeks past.  Later I remembered the first line, later still the final line gave such a feast of thought remembering.

This remembering and with it so many answers the seekers must have been looking for over many centuries? Surely a Divine guidance if ever there was one? Yes I can see and register with you all of your doubts. What places my insight among other gifts from heaven?  What indeed ? So it is necessary to break away from the clouds that can colour our judgement and can warp our perspective with emotional images, and get firmly back down to terra firma. Looking at the firm ground beneath the feet soon steadies the tendency to romance and fickle dreams of revelation or conquest.

Certainly such images struck me four decades ago yet my world disintegrated and required a total reassessment. But after all the thought and logic I employed, with the thousands of people in support, that I surmised must be supporting my efforts, I could not push my mindset back to the rocks of faith that had underpinned my sanity prior to December 1972. The die had been re-cast. Now I have the proof my sanity lacked all those years ago and it all comes down SPEED, speed of thought, speed of execution, speed of understanding, speed of acceptance. Virtual Speed versus the Speed of Reality.

In our present understanding of the World we live in: where does reality finish and virtual reality start? What governs what and who governs the distinction between the two? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Under our present misguided mismashed reality I tremble to believe that anyone gives the matter a thought.
Over the past few weeks I have given both my wife and myself a great deal of hard tack to stomach but today much of the value has finally burst upon me. At the moment, as it always seems to do, time is pushing at my fingers.  I hope to add to this entry again in the near future.

To continue with the thoughts of yesterday. Agreed impossible. We have all moved on to the next stage. Overnight I reflected on the opening passage of this Blog entry. I wanted to refresh my memory on where these quotations came from; of course: The sermon on the mount. What concentrated wisdom lies in the chapter. Then again how do I deal with such advice as : beware of false prophets? Shall I do nothing due to fear of being cut down and cast into the fire because many, including myself do not fully understand my own words? But can I take full responsibility of the words?

Certainly in our secular world it is the obligation in law, of the author to accept the responsibility of their words and place the resulting turmoil, inference and understanding well within their court. So it is with this understanding and nevertheless a clear degree of humility that I offer the an alternative but essentially a melding of the words of Christ to those of science and technology that may help those who have difficulty in matching what they may consider to be incompatible.

My gambit with the release of my significant writings forty years ago this year to the world at large, and placed within the responsibility of the fourth estate, has caused me many problems and taken me through a whole gamut of emotions. Naturally unless a third party chooses at some future point to collect and release these articles and other items, they will continue to gather dust in some university archive. What follows is of necessity what has been reasoned out since that point in time.

Whether others have used my earlier work to advantage or not? it is to be hoped the answer is yes. I would certainly be disappointed if it had all been confined to a dustbin of history as the ravings or a loony. A good deal of what has happened since then gives me cause to feel hopeful, though there is much as well to consider it is past time I took my courage in both hands and published what I consider to be a viable alternative to; ' life as we know it Jim.'

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Over Your Head? Or too Deep for Some?

Over Your Head ? Or too Deep for Some?

From what I have been gathering from my research and reading of recent days, supported by that hoary old beast experience, is that whatever comes to light just maybe like a flash of lightening out of the blue but it is more likely to be a sudden mental click when several, or many, threads congeal into an amorphous whole, despite this there is the instinctive understanding that within lies the essence of what you have been seeking. With a little more thought, a little tweaking about the edges a new pattern of understanding is revealed.

Do the headings of this blog entry challenge your veracity for creative thought, I try to challenge myself as well as any reader who has the goodness to read my entries. Many times I have felt one or other applies to my thinking or certainly to my explanations. There have also been many times when others have visited the compliment upon me to get on with it. To stop wasting their time. I can well understand their frustration, especially as it became more and more evident to me that my ideas had a validity that could be the essential missing link to take the human race through its mind block and evolve it into a startlingly new dimension.

It was already possible, and I had written as such in the past, that the twentieth century might well become to be seen as the century when humanity shed a great deal of the poisonous thought and actions in its collective system. The wars, the corruption, the drugs, the obsession with hedonistic pursuits and goals, all driven by the truncated life span of three score and ten. Then slowly as the new millennium and century began to unfold so many of the new avenues of progress sown in the last days and years of the previous century began to show they had taken root. Initially the change was slow and painful as a world; almost bankrupt, financially, morally and ethically had a supremely hard task to adjust to the radically changing aspirations of the fertile new world of communications and its wonder children: the Internet and the electronic computer. Underscored by the cross-fertilisation with the arts, for the first time since the great polymaths of earlier centuries, the beauty of a marriage between the arts, science and technology impressed itself on the younger minds unencumbered, as their fathers, by lost opportunities.

At long long last, the World that George Orwell had described as the Proles, the dispossessed, the majority with little they made or kept for long. As it soon stood to be removed by the smart, driven, ambitious, devious or criminal, what was left being removed my taxation. The two faced political elite who even when shown to be corrupt were so indifferent to their lesser brethren in the lower strata that their polished arrogance usually carried the day, as it had for centuries. The new world opening up with its new opportunities and rules was soon to change this mind set. The early years of the  twenty-first century were merely the last stages of a new type of Armageddon.